Fish ED TV Episode 201 Crankbait Walleyes and Crappies      
Fish ED TV Episode 213 Shallow Panfish + Lake of the Woods Walleye Fish ED TV Episode 211 Slab Size Crappies + Jumbo yellow Perch Fish Ed TV Episode 208 - Primetime Walleyes and Reservoir Perch Fish ED TV Episode 207 Jon Thelen Jeff Sundin Jumbo Perch + Bluegills
Big Stone Lake Perch, Plus Prime Time Walleye Action FISH ED TV Jon Thelen "Fall Magic Up North" Jeff Sundin Lindy Land Video on You Tube "I Was A Lucky Kid" Video Located on Lindy Land Facebook Page Fish Ed Jon Thelen Lindy Rigging Mid Summer Walleyes
Fish ED Lindy Rigging Walleyes During Mid-Summer

Fish Ed Jon Thelen Devils Lake and Lindy Spnners For Walleye fishing

Fish Ed Jon Thelen Lake Mille Lacs Slip Floating For Walleyes Fish Ed Jon Thelen Early Summer Sunfish in Shallow Water
Fish ED Jeff Sundin shows the Foo Flyer and Slick Jig Mid-Winter Walleye Fish ED Jon Thelen teaches the "Ice Whatsit" Catching Slab Crappies Fish Ed Northern Minnesota Early Winter Sunfish - Crappie - Jeff Sundin Fish ED Lake of the Woods Early Ice Walleye Fishing - Jon Telen
Fish ED Jason Feldner Teaches You How - Jumbo Perch On Devils Lake Fish ED Jon Thelen Shows How To Early Lake of the Woods Walleyes Fish ED Early Season Perch and Walleye In Central North Dakota Fish ED Jeff Sundin shows how to find Bluegills in Grand Rapids
Fish ED Lake Osakis Prime Time Crappie and Sunfish Tips and Tricks Why Jon Thelen Fishes The Lindy Foo Flyer How To Fish Lindy's Toad Jeff Sundin's Tricks To Catch more Fish Jeff Sundin Shows How To Fish The Lindy Jig
Fish ED Jon Thelen tips for Frostee Jigging Spoon mid-winter Panfish Late Season Walleyes On Upper Red Lake Jeff Sundin FISH ED Internet    
Gun Show "Loophole"      
Rainy River Walleye Cross Current Boat Control Strategy . Rainy River Walleye Slipping In The Heavy Current for Big Fish . Rainy River Walleye Diversify and Conquer for More Fish . Rainy River Walleye River Shoreline Structure .
Al Lindner Walks You Through the 2014 Lund Boats 208 ProV Tiller Rainy River Walleye Matching Lure Color To Water Conditions . Video by Ryan Fox and Bill Powell Winnibigoshish Shiner Trapping Ban Ya' Don't Need No Teeth Ta' Eat Lutefisk - Sand Lake Lutefisk Assoc.

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Icy Ways To Catch Big Upper Red Lake Pike Dan Johnson with Jonny Petrowske Ice Fishing For Big River Panfish - Ice Fishing Should I Stay or Should I go? Nathaniel Myson (Thelen-Sundin) Auger Wars? Nope, Just Drilling For Answers - Jeff Sundin
Devils Lake Ice Fishing for Jumbo Perch and Walleyes with Jason Feldner Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing with Painovich and Petrowske on Zippel Bay Northern Pike: The Quest for Quality Pike Fishing in Minnesota Jeff Sundin - Jan. 2006
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  Ice Fishing Walleye - Early Ice Red Lake Daniel Quade with Jonny Petrowske Ice Fish Northern Pike - Progressive Tip-Up Tactics by Steve Pennaz
Find and catch Lake Trout Under The Ice - Nathaniel Shore Walleye Fishing - Offbeat Tactics for Early Summer Walleyes Daniel Quade - Thelen Jordan Lee - How I qualified for the Lake Guntersville Bassmaster Classic Wobble Bobber Walleyes Road Hunting Walleye - Daniel Quade
Early Season Snap Jigging For Walleyes. Nathan Shore w/Sundin Early Season Walleye On Mille Lacs Night Fishing In Cold Water Early Season Walleye Tactics Catching Walleyes Without Spottail Shiners Early Season Lindy Rigging Lake Vermillion with Billy Rosner
Landing Nets Ted Takasaki on how to select the best fish nets Ice Fishing Electronics A Better Mouse Trap Humminbird 788 Mixed Bag Ice Fishing Trips Keep Your Fishing Bait Alive
Musky Habitat, Searching for Musky Nirvanna Musky: Solving The Musky Mystery part two Musky: Solving The Musky Mystery part one Northern Pike: Mid Winter Ice Fishing Strategies
Walleye Fishing - Planning Your Trip to Northern Minnesota Crappies: Fall Crappie Fishing Patterns for Northern Minnesota. Fishing Shoes: Product Review Irish Setter Pro Angler Fishing/Boating Shoes Northern Pike: Caring For and Cleaning Your Catch. Jeff Sundin - May 2006
Northern Pike: The Quest for Quality Pike Fishing in Minnesota Jeff Sundin - Jan. 2006 Northern Pike: Myths Exploded - Jeff Sundin December 2005 Family Ice Fishing: From Scratch on A Shoestring Budget - Jeff Sundin Dec. 2005 Ice Trolling For Northern Pike in Minnesota Jeff Sundin January 2005
Spring Breakup Panfish - First Chance For Action. Jeff Sundin April 2005 Cormorants - Are we sitting on a Minnesota Fisheries Time Bomb? Jeff Sundin January 2005 Walleye - When Walleyes Want Meat, Rig 'Em Up Jeff Sundin 2005 Wake Up Call For Sportsmen, Who Rules The Roost? Jeff Sundin September 2005
Walleye - A veteran guide’s top patterns for fall Walleye fishing Jeff Sundin September 2004 Bluegill, Ice Fishing - Giggling About Bluegills Jeff Sundin Dec. 2004 GPS Global Positioning System Article-Getting More out of your GPS Jeff Sundin March 2004 Summer Patterns For Big Winnie Jumbo Perch Jeff Sundin Spring 2004
Crappies - Getting A Jump On Spring Crappies Jeff Sundin April 2004 Ice Fishing On Winnibigoshish - Perch Basics On Big Winnie-Jeff Sundin December 2003 Lead VS Loons: Is There Really A Problem? Dick Sternberg 2003 Northern Minnesota's Early Ice Fishing Bonanza Jeff Sundin December 2003

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