Earlier this summer, one of my fishing customers told me that I should have pictures of some highlights from fishing charters posted on the website. I think she had a good idea, and I've started this page to make finding photos a little easier. As you can see, I began the collection with pictures from the earliest trip, and added the most recent ones. It's going to take a little time to fill in the middle, but I'll get it done.

Kelly Damon 5-18-23Phil Goettl 5-18-23Goettl Damon & Damon 5-18-23Virgil Krug 5-21-23Ken Seufert 5-22-23 • • • •

• • • • • Mike Shannon 8-14-23Scott Johnson 8-15-23Mike Shannon 8-16-23Hippie Chick 8-20-23Marcel Rivard 8-22-23Diane Eberhardt 8-24-23Josh Hoffert 8-25-23Erin McGraw Group 8-30-23720Ed, Phil & Eric Goettl 8-31-23 • • • Ken Seufert 9-27Hippie Chick 9-30Ryan Eberhardt 9-30Jumbo Perch 9-30Winnie Action 9-30Larry Lashley 10-3-23Mike Cooley 10-4-23Tim Fischbach 10-4-23The Hippie Chick 10-08-23David Matt and Tim Fischbach 10-10-23Carl Berquist Curt Black Jay T 10-13-23Carl Berquist Curt Black Jay T 10-13-23Bill & Matt Fromelt 10-16-23Bill Fromelt 10-16-23Bill & Matt Fromelt 10-17Jeff Sundin 10-21Brad 10-21mirror lake boats 10-21Jeff Sundin 10-23Jeff Sundin 10-25

I'd love it if I could fish with every single person who calls requesting a fishing charter. Obviously though, it's not possible to fit in everybody and I frequently refer potential customers to other guides. So, let me add a few words about about the fishing guides you find on this list. They are not part of my "entourage", or members of any particular group. The do not pay me or any of my fishing customers any commissions or fees for these referrals. I do at times count on them for input about fishing in the region, and frequently offer information from them in my daily fishing reports. Ranking them would be impossible, so they are presented in alphabetical order, last name first.

You'll notice that there are lots of fishing guides who do not appear on this list. That is not because they lack in experience or competence. Many others are very good, some even great, but not all of them fit the profile of what I consider to be "fabulous" or "outstanding" fishing guides. These folks, in my opinion, have demonstrated a balance of experience, intuition, work ethtic, and commitment to customer service. Not only are they talented anglers, but also posess the ability to share their knowledge with you, teaching you the techniques that will help you progress as an angler. Translated, this means that you'll be the one catching the fish, not watching them do it for you.

From my perspective, calling on anybody from this list assures you that you are connecting with the best of the best that Minnesota has to offer.

Jeff "Cubby" Skelly is an old friend and we go back a long, long way. Cubby has been guiding in and around the Grand Rapids area since the early 1980s and has experience on a wide variety of lakes. He's a multi-species angler too, highly experienced with everything from walleye, crappie, and panfish, to bass, northern pike, and musky. Whenever people call, I'm not available, and they ask for a alternative choices, Cubby is always among first calls I make.

Reed Ylitalo has been guiding in the Grand Rapids area since ... His primary expertise is walleye fishing on Lake Winnibigoshish. But Reed also fishes other lakes in the region including Bowstring, Round, Pokegama, Deer, Trout and Leech.

Justin Wiese

Bobby Zuehlke

Grant Prokop

Austin Michaud


Sean Colter

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