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image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report August 27, 2014 - Early Fall Transitional Crappies

People ask me all of the time; when is my favorite season to fish? Okay, I finally figured it out, I've got it, IT IS RIGHT NOW!
I can't think of anything more fun than to have everything in the lake moving into their pre-fall feeding period at the same time.
Oh I KNOW! You're saying; Pinch me; it can't really happen, can it?
YES, it can and it is, and it starting right now.
Surface water temperatures responded to Monday's cold front be dropping into the 69 degree range. For fishermen, the ride from here on down to around 58 degrees is a wonderful time of the season. For roughly the next 6 weeks, aggressive feeding patterns will be emerging daily and if one kind of fish isn't biting, another one will. In other words, we've got options! On Tuesday, our options on Bowstring Lake were Crappies and Walleyes. We weren't the only ones out there, so to help save time ... image denotes fishing report from Trails End Resort on Bowsting (8/27) Here's a fresh report, hot off the press from Bowstring Lake, Trails End Resort;"Walleye, Perch and Crappie continue to strike. From what we've been seeing, almost everyone on the lake is catching fish.
On Tuesday, one of our friends was on the lake and found that trolling with spinners tipped with night crawlers was a great way to locate fish on the weed edges.
There was a mix of Crappies, Walleyes and some Perch. As usual, there were some Pike mixed in as well, but they were not overbearing.
For anglers who want to get in on the best Walleye action, it's better to explore the weed edges in water depths of 5 to 8 feet until you begin contacting Walleyes. They have been more concentrated than the Crappies, so once you have them pinned down, stay close to the area.
For Crappies, main lake areas where the weeds are located adjacent to slightly deeper water seem to be best. Back bays and shallow weeds on the flats are not producing as well.
Watch your chart for areas where deeper water swings the closest into the shoreline. Even what appear to be subtle changes make a big difference to these schooling fish and during early fall, these inside corners are the first areas to attract staging Crappies.
If you want to forget about mixed bag style fishing and isolate only Crappies, then use the spinners to find them, but switch to small jigs to concentrate on catching them.
On Tuesday, a 1/16 ounce, chartreuse green Lindy Whatsit Jig was tearing the Crappies up. The best way to fish these jigs is to cast them into the weeds, let them fall and then retrieve them while you repeatedly pop the rod tip. Giving these jigs a tight hop-pop-hop action gets the fish's attention and produces plenty of strikes.
With Labor Day weekend on its way, this could be a great last minute fishing opportunity for you and we still have some room available. Get in touch with us to see what we have open for the weekend. >> Geiger's Trails End Reosrt .

Bowen Lodge Lake Winnie Report

August 26, 2014 - Cutfoot Sioux Can Make Your Day!

"On Lake Winnibigoshish, whitecaps can sometimes lead to a change of plan; like it did yesterday for our guests Mike and Atcha Nolan.
Planning their fishing trip around catching Walleyes and maybe, if they'd get lucky, a trophy Musky for the wall, their fishing guide had ideas about fishing on the big lake. Nobody can change the weather though, and knowing that rolling out on to the big water would be out of the question, Cutfoot Sioux would be expected to ... read >> Lake Winnie Fishing Report


Wired2Fish "Gene Larew salt impregnated lures have been catching fish for years. Since the early days of Salt Craws they have added a myriad of new shapes that are proven tournament winners and big fish catchers. Most recently the Biffle Bug has become a go-to bait for serious anglers. Here's your chance to win some. Click >> Gene Larew Giveaway .

image links to Lindy Fish Ed Internet (8/26) Fish ED from Lake of the Woods; "This week, Fish Ed Host Jon Thelen travels to Lake of the Woods for late summer Walleyes.
Little Joe Spinners have been putting fish in the boat for a long time and this episode proves that they're still working their magic. Tune in for this special, final video of the 2014 open water fishing season. Click >> Lake of the Woods Late Summer Walleye .
Greg Clusiau Fishing Report (8/26) From The Iron Range, Greg Clusiau wrote; "I glanced over to see him gently taking all slack out of the fishing line and setting the hook with ease. Another pot-bellied bluegill made it’s way to the surface where it was admired for a few seconds before being released.
Panfish are a way of life for Peterson who has successfully fished for them all the way from Minnesota to Louisiana and back. Liend and I would be enjoying another day on the water with the panfish master who invited us down to ..." Learn More >> Read Greg Clusiau's Full Report .
jeff sundin (8/26) I sent out an insiders email about some last minute, open fishing dates on Sunday morning. All 4 of the available dates are now filled.
Thank you very much for reading and thank you for your support! I really do appreciate it more than I can ever say! OH and by the way ... image of fish smiley !!
image denotes field report (8/25) From The Grand Rapids Area Jeff Sundin says; "Spinner fishing our way to a cooler full of Panfish works great during the warm water period of late summer. During mid-summer, when the weather is stable and surface temperatures hit their peak, the metabolism of these "warm water fish" is running so fast that they feed almost constantly. This is the time of the season when Panfish, Bass and even Walleye have the largest strike zone of the summer.
Bass fishermen talk about "the strike zone" more than most other anglers. But the concept is not unique to Bass or Bass fishing. It's simply a term that describes how far a fish will move to ..." read >> Grand Rapids Area Fishing Report
image denotes fishing report from Trails End Resort on Bowsting (8/25) From Bowstring Lake, Trails End Resort;"Walleye, Perch and Crappie continue to strike. From what we've been seeing, fishing is generally better for anglers who don't follow the crowds.
There's already been so much said about finding Crappies on the rock pile that we believe it's been picked over by now. Foqr anglers who want to get in on the best action, it's better to explore the weed edges in water depths of 5 to 9 feet. Main lake areas where the weeds are located adjacent to the deeper water seem to be best. Back bays and shallow weeds on the flats are not producing as well.
For all of you facebook fans, be sure to check out our recent video >> Bowstring Lake Fishing" >> Geiger's Trails End Reosrt .
image denotes field report (8/25) From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge; "We just wrapped up our “Pay it Forward” 2014 weekend, and there was a great time had by all! Thank you, to all who have or are serving, for all that you do! Friendships were made and fish were caught; what a great weekend!
We are still doing some bait fishing with spinners; although, the down rigging has started to pick up so many of us have switched to that. We have been north of Garden Island and fishing over by Archies as well.
The beginning of this week shows that the winds are going to be strong, so we will be fishing south using spinners just outside the Light House Gap.
The week ahead looks great with temperatures in the mid 70’s. Rain in the forecast but not until next Sunday; hopefully the weather stays as predicted!" - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .
image denotes field report (8/24) From the Marcell Area, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson said; "Fishing slowed down dramatically last weekend. What with the rain showers, thunder storms and the cold front that ensued, all taken together, this made for tough fishing conditions. Water temperatures dived down to 72 degrees, when the week before it was 79 degrees. Sunday was a bust but on Monday, with a lot of effort, I was able to take a few 12 inch Crappies and a few Walleye in the 16 inch range out for breakfast. Most of these fish were suspended over depths of 15 to twenty feet off the deep weed edges and hit the small LIVE TARGET crank bait I was trolling. As one might expect, the thunder storms on Sunday produced a plethora of Rock Bass. One was just short of 1.5 pounds, so no state record yet, but I still think the area lakes are capable of producing a fish larger than the record. Besides, I recently learned the world record is only 3 pounds and I believe that with steel will and determination, it can be done! Both Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass continue to beat up on LIVE TARGET frogs and Scum frogs, these two lures still being the hot ticket. Large Sunfish are now being caught in several of the better pan fish lakes in the area and Pike continue to smash swim baits and cranks along the weed edges and they can also be found suspended over deeper water ten to fifteen feet down. They seemingly have become more aggressive with the cooler water temperatures. The Bait and Tackle departments are fully stocked and the staff can help you select the right lure or bait for whatever species you are going to fish for as well as area lake information. Be sure to drop by on your way out to the lake! Thunder storms and more rain is in the forecast for this weekend but it’s all a part of this thing we call fishing and I’ll be out there anyway and hopefully you will be too!"
Frontier Sports features a complete and fully stocked Sporting Goods department and Bait Shop, Gas, Grocery, Deli and Gift Shop. Frontier Sports is an authorized LIVE TARGET and SAVAGE GEAR dealer. Frontier Sports 219-832-3901 or Email .
image denotes fishing report from Rour Seasons Fishing Resort (8/23) On Lake Winnibigoshish, Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort says; "This week, northern fishing rules the day.  It is traditionally a week that we have mostly pike fishermen.  Most of them were fishing with sucker minnows.  Some cast big baits, as well.  They struggled early in the week, trying all of their "normal" spots.  True to form, they kept moving and found the best areas.  They ended the week with their normal bang.  Several fish 32-36" were caught.  Most of them were released to fight another day.  The fish they are taking home are in the 24-28" range.  Jim Woodard from Dakota, MN caught a beautiful 36" northern today.
 Not much to report on the perch and walleye front, as everyone was fishing for pike.  We will have more to report next week, as we have more diverse fishermen.  But the fishing was good for Northerns.  I look for good fishing to continue in the coming weeks.  Our Labor Day special starts tomorrow.  Our fall special begins on Labor Day.  Check our availability and give us a call.  Fall fishing is some of the best of the year." >> Four Seasons Resort .
image of Mercury Marine logo A video that was recently produced by the Wisconsin Manufacturers Commerce honors Mercury Marine for their 2013 Manufacturer of the Year Award. The intersting perspective speaks to the growth of the company and sheds light on changes in their philosophy about engine design and performance over the past 75 years. It's well worth taking 5 minutes to watch the video >> Mercury Marine 75 Years

Remember the report about catching Largemouth Bass by "Dead-Sticking" YUM Dingers?
Well I linked up a video that does a really nice job of explaining how to do it. In fact, the video portrays what we were doing almost perfectly. Click here to see the video >> How to Dead Stick the YUM Dingers .

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Today August 27, 2014

image of Bowstring Lake Crappie
Early fall Crappie fishing is my favorite! Shallow? Yes. Deep? Yes. In Between? Yes? Spinners? Yes. Jigs? Yes. Oh and did I mention, this is my favorite time to ... :)!!

image of Boyd Penn holding nice Crappie
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd Penn got into the Crappies big time this Tuesday on Bowstring Lake. Trolling the weed edges with Lindy Spinners (above) was the best way to locate fish.
Once located, catching 'em fast was a job for Lindy's 1/16 ounce Whatsit Jig. Best colors Chartreuse Green, White and Brown/Orange.
image of Mrs. Boyd Penn with nice Crappie

August 26, 2014

image of Mike Nolan with big Crappie caught in Cutfoot Sioux
Photo Bowen Lodge: When the whitecaps are rolling on the big lake, Little Cutfoot Sioux Crappies provide both action and quality! Click for >> Cutfoot Sioux Fishing Report .

 Little Joe Spinners have been putting fish in the boat for a long time and this episode proves that they're still working their magic.

Greg Clusiau with Big Blugill
Courtesy Greg Clusiau: "Seasonal transition from summer to fall provides anglers with a fantastic opportunity for Panfish. Read >> Greg Clusiau Fishing Report

August 25, 2014

August 24, 2014

image of Pokegama Lake Walleye caught by Charlie
Weed edges produced a mixed bag including this nice pokegama Lake Walleye that fell for Charlie's spinner while we were on a mission for action.

August 23, 2014

image denotes insider fishing news

August 22, 2014

image of Chris Andresen holding nice Bluegill
Sunfish patterns have been the same on many of the Grand Rapids area lakes. Recently, we've fished Pokegama, Wabana and Trout Lake. First find the fish by trolling the weeds with spinners. Once you catch a good one, mark the spot and then ... read >> Grand Rapids Fishing Report

image of Chris Andresen with Smallmouth Bass from Trout Lake
Oh and by the way, trolling Lindy Spinners on the weedline does offer up some sweet surprises along the way too.

August 21, 2014

There's been a lot of changes over the 75 Years that Mercury has been producing Marine engines.

image denotes insider fishing news

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