image links to Ely Area, Arrowhead Outdoors Fishing Report January 26, 2021

image of ice fisherman holding big trout caught in the Ely MN area "Lake trout fishing slowed to a grind, this last week for anglers and local guides alike. Seemed all anglers reported seeing only a few trout a day and often trout were not to interested in chasing baits. Still a few anglers managed to find trout, but in less traditional locations.

Best reports were from anglers fishing in 80 plus feet of water, catching lake trout about 40 feet down. Spoons produce best this last week, but tube baits and bucktails also produced fish.

Stream trout anglers continue to catch limits of stream trout, but anglers are noticing that getting a limit is becoming harder and harder with every passing day on the more popular stream trout lakes. Rainbow trout continue to ..." Read >> Ely Area Ice Fishing Report January 26, 2022

image links to Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism January 26, 2022

image of walleye fisherman holding giant fish he caught on lake of the woods "Resorts and outfitters are working hard to keep fish houses on fish and moved most of the rentals into 28 to 32 feet of water.

As the season progresses, it is increasingly important to work every fish. Electronics are helpful to show you when fish are below you, where in the water column and how they are reacting to your lures and presentation. Suspended fish tend to be either nicer size walleyes or tullibees.

Work a combination of a jigging line and a deadstick. Jigging spoons with a rattle tipped with a minnow head or piece of tail, rippin raps, or simply a jig head and minnow for jigging line. If the fish are finicky, then ..." Read >> Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report January 26, 2022

image links to wired2fish Wired2Fish "Sixgill Hamarr Reel Giveaway" January 26, 2022

image links to Sixgill Hamarr Reel giveaway"Sixgill Fishing Products recently joined us here at Wired2fish but we had prior experience with them through Fred Roumbanis and John Murray from their pro team and a few trips on the water with them.

It is sometimes hard to get the real skinny from pros on their true feelings but we could tell right away they weren’t going to sell any wolf tickets about them just because of how their eyes lit up when they spoke about their products. Their remarks were glowing and after doing some research, we feel they are a great option for diehard anglers and weekend anglers alike.

We were excited to work with them on our latest giveaway where 5 Wired2fish followers will get a chance to ..." Learn More and Enter >> Sixgill Hamarr Reel Giveaway

Image links to a Lindy Fish Ed TV episode that teaches you how to talk to the walleyesimage links to Fish ED Video "Overlooked Walleye Ice Fishing Hot Spots" Fish Ed" New Video January 25, 2022

Pin pointing walleye travel routes and staging locations during the ice season is a must for consistent bites. But we all know that it takes considerable time on the water and a keen understanding of structural elements to truly know why fish relate to them.

Watch Jon Thelen as he covers some overlooked walleye ice fishing hot spots, what to look for on a map, and a few tips on seasonal lure presentations. View Video and Learn More >> Overlooked Walleye Ice Fishing Hot Spots

image links to fishrapper home page January 24, 2022 — "Where Are The Best Walleye Spots on My Lake?" Jeff Sundin Answers Reader Questions"

image shows angler holding big walleye caught on a jig and minnow in the grand rapids area On January 23, 2022, Jim Dressler emailed with a couple of questions. At first glance, I thought answering him might warrant a few simple words regarding a couple of simple situations. But as I thought about it, it dawned on me that a truly thoughtful answer could be the basis for a full book about fishing philosophy.

So, Jim, I won't go quite that far, but I did take the opportunity to turn this into a full article and it's likely to be updated from time-to-time. I’ll start by trying to break this down, starting with my observation about your 2nd question first.

Dressler Q2); “I've outgrown tackle boxes, just too much stuff I like to keep on the boat.

You know, I'm ready for anything! I have sealed off my livewell and ..." Read >> Where Are The Best Walleye Spots on My Lake? January 24, 2022

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin January 21, 2022 "The Taste of Comfort Is Contageous"

image of old homemade ice fishing shelter "Okay, now I’m getting myself worked up! All week long, I’ve been watching the weather forecast and thinking that THIS was going to be the nicest day for ice fishing. High temperatures in the mid-teens would surely be “good enough”, especially compared to the sub-zero temps we’ve had for most of the week.

Then, at 4:00 AM, I looked at an update that came in last night from Pat Rooney at Denny’s Resort, it says; “With tomorrow’s (Friday 1-21) forecast - once we lose visibility, we will be unable to plow shoots and possibly the roads. To everyone that’s here and still planning to come you will have to hunker down through the night.” WHAT, hunker down, lose visibility, no plowing?

Okay …, stay calm, slurp coffee, check weather forecast and read …” Mostly cloudy, with a high near 17, wind chill values between -25 and -35. Breezy, with ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Update January 21, 2022

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin January 20, 2022 "Low Snow, BIG BLOW!"

image links to ice fishing repoert about ice conditions on lakes in north central Minnesota "Checking conditions around the area on Wednesday, I remembered how the lakes used to look, dotted with small, homemade shanties, tough guys sitting on 5-gallon pails and the occasional yellow Skidoo parked alongside one of the early model portable shelters. Re-living that scenario wouldn’t have been that hard, the snow wasn’t that deep and while it was cold, it was far from miserable.

There could have been more traffic out there, if that sort of traffic still existed, but this tour served as a stark reminder about how much the “wheelhouse culture” has changed the face of ice fishing. If there isn’t a plowed road, and nobody has a parking spot opened to park one, then there won’t be anybody fishing on the lake and today, there wasn’t.

I know, I am engaged in a bit of ..." Read >> Low Snow, BIG BLOW January 20, 2022

LURENET Bait School: "Single Out The Largest Crappies From A School" | New Video January 21, 2022

Image links to Lindy's Fish Ed TV video about winter panfish migration patternsIt’s not unusual for anglers to return to their favorite lures over and over again. Most often, their tried-and-true presentations work well enough to justify the habit. Sometimes though, it can be worth changing things up, even when your favorite confidence baits are working.

Nate Altendorf demonstrates how he singles out the largest crappies in a school by laying down his favorite, small size finesse lures and trading them for a larger, more aggressive jigging lure.

Join Nate Altendorf as he shares his insights on how to ice the slabs using the Lindy Rattl’n Flyer Spoon to grab the attention of larger crappies and trigger them to strike."

View Video and Learn More >> Single Out The Largest Crappies From A School | Lurenet Bait School January 2022

image links to Fish ED Video "Understanding Winter Panfish Migrations and Locations" | Fish Ed New Video January 20, 2022

Image links to Lindy's Fish Ed TV video about winter panfish migration patternsThe secret to consistent panfish catches during winter lies not only in knowing where to look, but also in knowing when to look there. Sticking with panfish during winter is an art, and the angler with the best timing, usally makes the best catches.

When it comes to our favourite panfish locations during the ice fishing season, nothing lasts forever. Follow Jon Thelen as he covers winter panfish travel patterns and how to stay on the bite!".

View Video and Learn More >> Understanding Winter Panfish Migrations and Locations | Fish Ed January 2022

image links to mn dnr news release News Release January 20, 2022: "DNR seeks to fill 200 paid summer internships"

"The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is looking for passionate and dedicated students interested in learning more about possible careers with the DNR through paid summer internship opportunities.

DNR summer interns will not only gain valuable experience and training, but also will ..." Read >> MN DNR Paid Internships 2022

image reader comments Reader Comments January 18, 2022 "Lake Winnie Ups and Downs — Contrasting Field Reports"

image of angler holding typical Lake Winnie Walleye "Snow is stacking up; off-road travel is tricky and fishing traffic near the plowed roads has been heavy. The ability to be creative, travelling away from the crowds and into “fresh territory” is the difference between lack-luster vs good fishing.  So, typical of the mid-winter timeframe, folks who have snow machines and can travel off-road definitely have the upper hand on north central Minnesota lakes.

On Winnibigoshish for example, the sentiment among many is that fishing action has slowed down. Even some of the better anglers who were catching lots of fish a few weeks back are experiencing the slow down.

On Saturday, Travis Verdegan wrote, “I was out yesterday (Friday 1-14-22) by 2 PM and ..." Read >> Lake Winnie Field Reports January 18, 2022

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin January 19, 2022 "Not Much Snow ... But Lots of Blow!"

"We didn’t get a lot of snow on Tuesday, but we did get a lot of wind, first from the southeast and then from the northwest. So, by now, the extra 1 to 2 inches that did come down could be laying almost anywhere.

Before the storm, a uniform 8 to 12 inches of hard packed snow, along with some deeper drifts covered most lakes in the Itasca Region. Except for lakes that have plowed roads on them, travel conditions favored snowmobiles and track machines. Or you could ..." Read >> Ice Update January 19, 2022

image links to Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism January 18, 2022

image of angler with huge walleye caught at Flag Island on Lake of the Woods "Ice fishing is in full swing on the south end of Lake of the Woods, fish are being caught and most anglers are happy!

As previous reports state, there are lots of small fish to work through to find keepers along with slot fish (walleyes 19.5 to 28.0 inches that must be released) and that occasional trophy over 28 inches. Most ice fishing is taking place in 25 to 32 feet of water.

Anglers using a combination of 1 jigging line and 1 deadstick are doing the best. Jigging spoons tipped with a minnow head is the most common for the jigging line and on the deadstick rod, anglers should ..." Read >> Lake of the Woods Fishing Reports January 18, 2022

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin January 14, 2022 "Lake Mille Lacs Ice Fishing Page"

image of High Banks Resort plow truck opening up an ice fishing spot for weekend customers "Not long ago, I mentioned that I’d be opening a new page devoted to reports from Lake Mille Lacs. Progress on the project has been slow-and-steady but today, I feel like there’s enough information on it so that this is a reasonable time to open it up to the public.

To date, the collection of reports is not unique, if you have time, you can find it all yourself by scrolling through websites and “social” pages. To you, the benefit of using this page is saving time, we’ve already done the scrolling and trolling so you don’t have to; you can get all the reports in one place, at one time.

Now this is the part when I ask for your help. If you’ve enjoyed receiving these reports for free, then maybe you can return the favor. The Mille Lacs page is wide open for page sponsors, so if you have a special connection to a resort, rental operator or fishing guide, please mention to them that there are a limited number of sponsor spots available and that they are incredibly affordable!" Check Out New >> Lake Mille Lacs Ice Fishing Page January 14, 2022

image links to fishrapper home page January 14, 2022 — "Ice Fishing Suits Thjat Floating the Float-Able?"

image links to article answerting reader questions aboiut iced fishing suits Q) "On 1-14-22 Dave Heck wrote, “I have spent my entire life, from the age of 3 to 66 fishing open water but have never been ice fishing, until now.  My target will be panfish in some of our Iowa lakes and ponds.

In a story I read from your past you mentioned floating bibs and parka.  Can you tell me your opinion about what you think is the best and safest brand available? Thanks Dave

A) Dave, a few years back, I got a new ice suit from Stiker, pictured here. This suit is incredibly well constructed and comfortable. Mine is the “Predator Model” and it is unbelievably warm, in fact, unless you plan on fishing up north, probably too heavy for the climate in Iowa. Striker has become a really big name in the ice fishing suit market, so you’ll easily find an array of models that offer features suitable to the variety of fishing conditions you are likely to encounter.

I have not had an opportunity to ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Suits Thjat Floating the Float-Able? January 14, 2022

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin January 13, 2022 "Lake Winnie Updates"

image of High Banks Resort plow truck opening up an ice fishing spot for weekend customers "Last year at about this time, there was a certain amount of “hand ringing” going on about the big crowds of anglers on Lake Winnie. While there are still a healthy number of ice shelters out there now, the scene up there this year is much more subdued.

Causing the diminished population of anglers on the ice is likely a combination of factors including tougher travel conditions, angler’s availability of free time and reports of “slower fishing action” on the big lake.

Snow cover, while not exactly the major issue, is deeper than it was last year, and fewer anglers are able to travel off-road. In most areas of the lake, 10 to 12 inches of snow is the norm, there are large stretches of broken, rough ice too and that dampens enthusiasm for exploration; at least it dampens mine.

Fewer folks are off work this year, and the availability of ..." Read >> Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Update January 13, 2022

image links to fishrapper home page January 12, 2022 — "Is Lake Trout Fishing Really This Vague?"

image of Matt Mattson with hefty Lake Trout caught in Northern Minnesota Brandon Flaata wrote; Q) "Hi Jeff, Next week I will be going to Canada for an ice fishing trip. I know this is out of your area of reports, but I have been scouring the internet trying to research how to target lake trout. I have fished them and found success in the summer, but this will be my first time trying to target them through the ice.

Articles I have found online talk about using a plethora of various lures and fish anywhere in the water column from 6ft to 60ft. I haven't found much on jigging techniques to cover this array of depths other than keep jigging motions consistent and predictable. For somebody who hasn't fished for lake trout, what I have been able to research online has certainly left me with more questions than answers on even simply "where do I start?"

In your opinion, is lake trout fishing really this vague? It feels like there are more precise techniques a person can ..." Read >> Q&A Is Lake Trout Fishing Really This Vague? January 12, 2022

image links to Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism January 12, 2021

image of ice fisherman holding big walleye caught on lake of the woods at arneson's resort "Ice fishing is going strong on the south side of Lake of the Woods. As the season progresses, much of the ice fishing is pushing to deeper depths, anglers are now fishing 25 to 30 feet of water.

Daytime air temperatures from -20 to +20 from one day to the next is causing some havoc with the bite, but overall, anglers are still catching fish. The scenario is common, folks are sorting through numerous small fish in order to catch their "keepers", walleye and sauger smaller than 19-1/2 inches.

Anglers are also catching and releasing some walleye in the protected slot, fish between 19-1/2 and 28 inches in length. And there are some lucky anglers who have ..." Read >> Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report January 12, 2022

Lake Trout Ice Fishing Tips and Tricks January 11, 2022 — Comments from resorts, outfitters and guests.

image of Andy Arola holding big Lake Trout caught while ice fishing "I used to fish for Lake Trout a lot more than I do these days. Not that I didn’t love it, I did, but since I became addicted to ice fishing for panfish, Laker’s sort of wound up on the back burner for me.

Lately though, not only readers, but some family members too, have been asking questions about how to get set up for ice fishing Lake Trout. Since it’s been a while for me, I decided that the best way to handle the questions by getting some tips from my friends who fish for Lake Trout a lot more than me. This way, I can do justice to their questions while I also use the project as a refresher course to help fill in gaps in my own knowledge.

I started by calling my friend Andy Arola (photo left), he’d just returned home from a successful ice fishing trip for Lakers. As it happens, he and his crew were ice fishing on ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Lake Trout Tips and Tricks January 11, 2022

image links to mn dnr news release News Release January 11, 2022 "Minnesotans fish free with kids January 15 thru 17, 2022"

image links to DNR news release about free fishing weekend "Take a Kid Ice Fishing Weekend is this Saturday, January 15, 2022 through Monday, Jan. 17, 2022

During the weekend, Minnesota residents can go ice fishing for free if they are fishing with a child 15 years old or younger. Minnesotans 15 years old or younger don’t need fishing licenses any time of the year.

“Ice fishing is lots of fun for kids and adults alike. There’s nothing quite like making your way onto a frozen lake, drilling a hole through the ice and catching fish,” said Benji Kohn, volunteer mentor program coordinator with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “If you’re interested in giving ice fishing a try, ..." Learn More >> Minnesotans fish free with kids January 15 thru 17, 2022

image reader comments Reader Comments January 8, 2022 "Lake of the Woods Field Update"

image of walleyes and sauger caught on the soutwest side of lake of the woods January 7, 2022 "On January 7, 2022 I got this text message from Austin Jones; "A buddy of mine had a great day today on a day trip up to Lake of the Woods." Nate E, along with un-named fishing partner(s) drove their pickup truck out from the Springsteel Resort.

Springsteel's plowed roads are in good shape and ice thicknesses on Friday ranged between 17 and 18 inches. They stopped their pickup truck and set up a fishing shelter on the mud-flats in about 28 feet of water.

Nate E. wrote, "(we) Started the day with 5 smaller toss backs and pulled our first keeper walleye at 8:12 AM. From then on, the action stayed steady, with fish biting until about 1:30 PM when we put our last 16 inch fish in the bucket! Caught roughly 40 to 50 fish today!

Fish were very active for the Lindy Rattl'N Flyer Spoons! Pink (scarlet ice) and Gold were our best colors, we tipped them with a shiner. Fish were more active for the jig rod but were still catch fish on the dead stick! It was cold -26 degree morning, but a beautiful calm day on LOW!"

image links to fishrapper home page January 7, 2022 — "Any Hot Fishing Tips For Zippel Bay Ice Trip?"

image links to articles about ice fishing at Zippel Bay on Lake of the Woods Q) On 1-6-2022 Thomas Wood wrote; "Just a quick note to say thanks for your reports! SUPER helpful! Heading to Lake Of The Woods, out of Zipple Bay Resort this weekend for the first time ever! SO excited. I have never fished the big lake before! Got an tips? Thanks again, Thomas"

A) Good morning sir and thanks for the note. We have fished out of Zippel Bay many times and there are numerous articles and videos from up there. So, instead of re-writing the history of ic e fishing at Zippel Bay on Lake of the Woods, let me instead share links to some of the work we've already done up there.

I'll add more links to articles and videos as I find them, but on my first run-through, I already located these articles that should help you ..." Learn More >> Lake of the Woods Tips and Tricks January 7, 2022

Image links to Lindy's Fish Ed TV Glow Spoon Walleye Fishing Videoimage links to Fish ED Video "Crappie Location & Lure Secrets for Mid-Winter Ice Fishing Fish Ed" New Video January 4, 2022

Having a hard time finding those mid winter crappies? Location and lure choice play an important role in successfully targeting mid winter slabs.

Follow Jon Thelen as he keys in on prime locations and presentations when ice fishing for transition crappies! View Video and Learn More >> Crappie Location & Lure Secrets for Mid Winter Ice Fishing – Fish Ed

image links to Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism January 4, 2021

image of lady holding big walleye she caught ice fishing on Lake of the Woods "Ice fishing is in full swing, and a great week it was on the south end of Lake of the Woods!

As the ice thickens, some resorts and outfitters are using bombardiers to transport customers to an from rental shelters. There are others providing plowed roads and are currently allowing one ton trucks on their network of roads. Check with ice road operators for specifics as ice conditions vary. Stay on marked ice roads, trails, etc.

Fishing reports for walleyes and saugers are good. Ice anglers are still catching numbers of walleyes and saugers, sorting through smaller fish to find keepers. Slot and trophy walleyes in the mix along with eelpout, jumbo perch, pike, tullibee, and sturgeon.

Anglers are finding good action in ..." Read >> Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report January 4, 2022

image reader comments Reader Comments January 3, 2022 "Lake Winnie Field Updates"

"The New Years Weekend was a big one on Lake Winnie. Access roads around the lake opened up for vehicle traffic and the lake began filling up with eager ice anglers. Here are some updates about Lake Winnie Ice Accesses and travel conditions along with a few fishing updates as of January 2, 2022.

The accompanying map with numbered descriptions identifies the access points around the lake and provides the most up do date information available at the time. Please note the dates for each of the individual access point and ..." Read >> Lake Winnie Ice Conditions and Fishing Updates January 2, 2022

image links to the Pines Resort website Lake Winnibigoshish The Pines Resort December 30, 2021

image of pickup truck plowing snow on Lake Winnie We are bracing for a BUSY weekend at The Pines! Elsewhere around the lake, access via plowed roads is still a big question mark. But thanks to good ice conditions in Tamarack Bay, fluffy snow and good plow trucks, our roads are in great condition.

The ice is good, with 18 inches being the most common measurement. We are currently allowing all pickup trucks towing manageable size ice fishing shelters out of our ramp. For folks with larger wheelhouses, like big tandem axle models, the landing at Tamarack Lodge is also available and open. Anglers have been showing up steadily all day long, so expect to find robust traffic on the lake. But if history is any indication, fish should remain cooperative throughout the weekend.

Walleye anglers are doing their best work using ..." Read >> Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Update 12-31-2021

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin December 30, 2021 "Driving the Drive-Able"

image of ice fishing shelters and pickup trucks on Splithand Lake December 29, 2021I didn’t know for sure what to expect when I left the house, I thought that maybe I’d see back roads clogged with snow and hard to drive on, but they didn’t look that bad.

I was surprised when I got to Splithand Lake on Wednesday that snowfall there, while fairly deep, was not deep enough to stop folks from traveling onto the lake. There was a short road plowed and as you can see, it allowed access via pickup truck to a small group of anglers with permanent shelters on the lake.

On some of the other lakes I checked, there were not any formally plowed roads, but there were some users developed trails. There were slushy spots on them and to me, it was cause for concern. But when I talked to friends, they told me that ice conditions were dry and that they ..." Read >> Grand Rapids Report December 30, 2021

image links to Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism December 30, 2021 FE

image links to ice fishing report from lake of the woods "It's been a great week of Ice fishing on the south end of Lake of the Woods. As the ice thickens, some resorts, outfitters and rental operators are allowing 1/2 ton trucks to use their plowed roads. Ice conditions vary from one region to another, so check with indvidual ice road operators for specifics about their systems. Stay on marked ice roads, trails, etc.

Fishing reports for walleyes and saugers are excellent. Most anglers are still catching numbers of walleyes and saugers, sorting through numbers of fish to catch keepers for a fish fry or to take home. Slot and trophy walleyes in the mix along with eelpout, jumbo perch, pike, tullibee, sturgeon and even a crappie or two.

Good action in 24 to 28 feet of water. For those who are portable, some morning evening walleyes ..." Read >> Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report December 30, 2021

image links to Ely Area, Arrowhead Outdoors Fishing Report December 29, 2021

image of mother and daughters ice fishing for northern pike "Walleye anglers continue to catch quality walleyes on area lakes. Numbers of fish caught, each outing, swings wildly for many anglers. One day you can catch well over a dozen, then the very next day get totally skunked. Gotta love winter walleye fishing!

Best bite continues to be reported in 20 feet of water and during the evening hours. Jigging spoons, tipped with a minnow head and dead sticking a good lively shiner or rainbow, continue account for the majority of walleyes being caught.

Big northern pike continue to come up the hole, weather you are targeting them or not, anglers ...." Read >> Ely Area Fishing Report December 29, 2021

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin December 22, 2021 "MN DNR Creel Staff Surveying the Survey-Able"

I’m not sure why I only saw this notice posted at one landing on my tour last Monday. But it struck me as important to let you know about the creel survey that the MN DNR will be conducting on Winnie this winter.

Creel surveys might seem un-important, but I’ll argue that they are one of the most important ways of gathering pertinent information about the productivity of a lake. For all the studying, researching, and speculating about how “the fish are doing” in any given lake, creel surveys are the only method that allows the DNR to understand how well you, the end user “is doing on the lake.”

As anglers, we all want a chance to ..." Read >> MN DNR Creel Staff Surveying the Survey-Able

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin December 21, 2021 "Lake Winnibigoshish Ice Accesses Update"

image of ice shelters on Grand Rapids area lakeOn Monday 12-20-2021 I traveled the roads around the west, south and east sides of both Lake Winnie and Cutfoot Sioux. I didn't do any fishing but focused instead on updates about Lake Winnie Ice Accesses and travel conditions as of 12-20-2021.

Except for one seriously troubled spot (read #5 below) all the access roads, public ramps and user developed trails looked really good. Surface conditions looked great too, I'd be surprised if there is more than inch or two of snow anywhere. As you can see in accompanying photos, most of the ice surface looks clear, cold, and solid.

Access roads were all well-traveled and ramps at every location showed signs of recent travel as well, anglers using ATVs and snowmobiles have ..." Read >> Grand Rapids Area Ice Updates December 20, 2021

image links to fishrapper home page — "Fillet Knives That Make the Cut?"

image of Cutco Fisherman's Solution Fillet Knife For Fish. On 10-6-2021 Dave Heck wrote; "Q) I’m curious as to the type of filet knife you use. On our trip north we broke my Buck filet knife (cutting cheese) and am looking to replace it.

The one downside to the Buck is the gaps around the handle that allow the accumulation of unwanted germs and possible bacteria to form. The up side is the blade is fairly stiff which I like because previous knives I’ve owned the tip would curl up on the opposite side of the filet leaving meat on the skin.

I respect your opinion and look forward to your response.

"A) Dave, Fillet knives are a super subjective topic, everybody seems to like theirs "a certain, special way". For me, one that is just about perfect is ..." Read >> Sundin: Fillet Knives That Make The Cut October 6, 2021

image links to wired2fish Wired2Fish How to Find Fishing Spots Using Satellite Imaging

image links to video about finding fishing spots using satellite images"Competitive anglers need the best tools. They look for the best and try to stretch their hard-earned money to get there. Most look at a value-to-cost ratio when selecting their gear. Finding quality at an attractive price is sometimes tricky. More and more companies see that type of product as a substantial competitive advantage to sustain buyers and enhance their expectations.

Savage Gear has a stellar line-up of rods in their portfolio that is ever-increasing, and for this giveaway, we are giving five lucky Wired2fish followers a chance to win a 7'3" MH Battletek casting rod. Made from 30-ton high modulus carbon blanks, these rods are lightweight but will also stand up to the most challenging demands of even the hardest hook setters.

The rod blends balance, strength, and ..." View Video and Learn More >> How to Find Fishing Spots Using Satellite Imaging

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin February 19, 2021 Walleye Bag Limits "Linking the Link-Able"

image links to article about minnesota walleye bag limit reduction I know that Ringo Starr gets by with help from his friends, but these days, mine are doing a darn good job of helping me get by too!

On Thursday, I mentioned my search for some of the charts and statistical information that had been shared, at various times during the time that I served as a volunteer on the Walleye Advisory Committee.

More than a few of my friends helped me out by pointing to their specific locations on the internet and in the end, I wound up with almost enough information to crash the mainframe at IBM. Some of the publications that will interest a few of you ..." Read >> Walleye Bag Limits "Linking the Link-Able" February 19, 2021

image reader comments Reader Comments Shared With Permission February 19, 2021 MN Walleye Bag Limits Gary Barnard

NOTE: This section actually includes 2 unique comments, each one arrived in its own seperate message. Both pertaining to specific portions of Jeff Sundin's follow up about Gary Barnards commentary about S.F. 12 from February 17, 2021. For reference, links to each individual section are provided.

On February 18, 2021 Gary Barnard (Reference Report 2-17-2021) wrote, "To be clear, I have no dispute with the projections of harvest saving, or that harvest saving may be more significant on some waters. What I do dispute is the automatic assumption that any harvest reduction realized would somehow "help" those walleye populations. That lack of understanding of how walleye populations function is troubling coming from ..." Reader Comments >> Gary Barnard 2-19-2021

image reader comments Reader Comments Shared With Permission February 19, 2021 MN Walleye Bag Limits S.F. 12 TR James

On February 18, 2021 TR James wrote, "A couple of highlights are worth restating: "When discussing the potential effects of harvest reduction, it is essential to understand the different types of Walleye populations we have in Minnesota, Natural reproduction lakes, Fry stocked lakes, and Fingerling (including yearling and adult) stocked lakes.
Unnecessarily lowering the statewide Walleye limit sends the wrong conservation message. It implies that Minnesota anglers are over harvesting Walleye populations when in most cases there is no evidence to ..." Reader Comments >> TR James 2-19-2021

image reader comments Reader Comments Shared With Permission February 19, 2021 MN Walleye Bag Limits S.F. 12 Dave Heck

Dave Heck wrote, “After reading your post about the proposed limit reduction on walleye, I feel I need to share my two cents worth. My name is Dave Heck and I live near a small town in east central Iowa.  For most of us who live in Iowa walleye fishing wouldn't be considered a primary fish source.

We spend a Pretty good chunk of dough on these trips and have even gotten a guide six times to help "train us" to catch walleye.  When you're on a fixed income it's not easy to do,  but we do it for the love of fishing and ..." Reader Comments >> Dave Heck 2-19-2021

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin February 18, 2021 Walleye Bag Limits "Following The Follow-Able"

Follow up on yesterday’s report about the legislative proposal to reduce Minnesota’s walleye bag limit is going to take a little while. That’s because somewhere in my piles of saved stocking reports, DNR meeting agendas and notebooks filled with jotted notes, are some facts. Facts, in this case, facts about average walleye angler catch rates in Minnesota. I know they’re out there though because I’ve seen them with my own eyes. I just can't put my fingers on them and I don’t want to start spewing information, relying only on my memory.

The reason I am searching high and low for facts about walleye catch rates, is because nobody else is doing it. Advocates for walleye bag limit reductions cite plenty of “social reasons” for making the change. But statistical information and biological facts are harder to come by than an autographed ..." Read >> Walleye Bag Limits "Following The Follow-Able February 18, 2021

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin February 17, 2021 Walleye Bag Limit Reduction "A Lively Discussion"

image of walleyes laid out on fillet table Recently I wrote about the legislative bill S.F. 12 which proposes to reduce Minnesota’s statewide walleye bag limits.

It’s worth noting that which side of the issue anglers argued, depended on which medium their comments came from. Virtually 100% of the commentary from those in favor of reducing Minnesota's walleye limit came via the “social” media page where I posted links to the original article. Conversely, 100% of the anglers in opposition to the regulation change are those who took the extra time to write their comments and send them via email.

I’ll let you be the judge of what made that happen, but I think it’s interesting. I'll have to think about it for a while and I'll let you know if I develop any solid theories.

Of the social comments from folks in favor of limit reductions, the most credible, in my opinion, came from MN DNR Brainerd Area Fisheries Manager Marc Bacigalupi who ..." Read >> Minnesota Walleye Bag Limit Reductions February 17, 2021

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin February 11, 2021 "Noting the Note-Able About Walleye Bag Limit Reduction Bill S.F. 12"

image of angler survey graph results about walleye bag limit reductions.Sifting through emails on Wednesday, I found a note from Vern Wagner, organizer of Anglers for Habitat, a conservation based angling group. The message carried a copy of the organization’s position on the proposal, S.F. 12, which would reduce walleye limits statewide from 6 to 4 fish.

The letter penned by AFH President Lance Ness is offered to MN Senator Carrie Ruud as “testimony” to be considered during hearings about the bill. In its conclusion, Ness writes, “While Anglers for Habitat neither supports nor opposes the legislation, we suggest a lively discussion.” Let’s backup a minute and break down what that discussion would be about.

Within the body of the testimony, AFH appears to be leaning in the direction of slow walking this legislation and asks for proof that the proposal is based on scientific ..." Learn More >> AFH Weighs In On Walleye Bag Limits February 11, 2021

Senate Bill SF 12 Minnesota Walleye Bag Limit Reduction Introduced January 7, 2021 — Jeff Sundin

image links to article about bill to reduce walleye bag limit in minnesota In recent years, support for reducing Minnesota's walleye bag limit has grown among Minnesota anglers. In fact, results of an informal FishRapper poll conducted last year, indicated that anglers in favor of reducing Minnesota's walleye possession limit could be upward of 75%.

This year, supporters of a bag limit reduction could be in luck, because Minnesota Senate Bill SF 12 would do just that. If passed, the bill will mandate the MN DNR to reduce the statewide walleye possession from 6, down to 4 walleyes.

The bill's author, MN Senator Carrie Ruud spoke with me about the proposal. “In the past, discussions about reducing walleye limits have centered more around the social aspects of the issue rather than statistical ones.” Ruud said. Anglers who have a high conservation ethic would naturally ..." Read >> Minnesota Walleye Bag Limit Reduction January 8, 2021

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image of jeff sundin with walleye caught during cold weather

Fishing The Fall Turnover In Natural Lakes - Jeff Sundin

... "This probably means that for most fishermen, "The Turnover", I mean the absolute scientific event is probably not really what influences fish locations and feeding patterns during the cold water period.
Most of us rarely, if ever see surface temperatures colder than 40 degrees and for me, 50 degree water is enough to produce changes in both location and feeding patterns. In other words, it's the fish that force me into finding alternative locations and feeding patterns well before the scientific version of turnover actually occurs.
Although there are times when a lake make may actually have completely turned over during our fishing season, it seems more likely to me that... Read >> Fishing Fall Walleye At Turnover


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