image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 21, 2017 - Update, "Saga Of The Loud Cat"

Thanks to everyone who did their best to help out with finding the exhaust pipe for my Bearcat; here's what's happened so far.
If you sent a link to any of the commercial operators who had the parts listed on the internet, they all failed. I ordered the part 5 times from 5 different operators and all 5 of them cancelled the orders after a few days.

image of snowmobile

Tom Rowland had one on hand and it came close, but the part wasn't a correct match. Ske's Sleds, the only other one that came close fell through as well.
Welding the pipe was suggested and that has been the only solution; it's been done already. However, if I can find a replacement that's in better condition, I will buy it, so do me a favor and keep your eyes peeled whenever you go into a salvage yard. Thanks again for the help!!

image of lindy live bait jig

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, January 21, 2017 Austin Jones Wrote;

"We were in 31ft of water in the Arnesons area and had consistent action. Fish would sometimes hit a slow jig, but at times they hit jigs fished aggressively as well. I even had one follow the jig up 10 ft off of bottom and hit it as we were leaving.
Quiver spoons and Live Bait Jigs both worked well, the best colors were pink/glow, chartreuse, and pink/chartreuse. Best bite was between 12:30 and 2:00pm. Mostly sauger and had a few walleye. Snowmobile and Bombardier was the only access. We fished on the deep edge of a mid lake reef."

Lindy Land, Panfish Progressions January 20, 2017

"There’s nothing wrong with pursuing a single species of panfish. But some of the fondest ice fishing memories are often forged on fisheries that offer a variety of fish including bluegills, yellow perch and crappies.
To catch the most fish possible on these multi-species honeyholes, savvy icemen like longtime Northwoods guide and popular Lindy pro Jeff Sundin hit the ice armed with ... " Learn More >> Winter Panfish Progressions

image links to fishing article

image of josh hagemeister with big crappie

image denotes link to fish rapper article Alexandria Ottertail Area, Capt Josh Hagemeister January 19, 2017

"Fishing has been steady with the crappies moving in to the deeper holes in most area lakes.  Look for suspended fish anywhere from 20-30 feet down over 35-45 of bottom depth. 
Using 2 lines, have a crappie minnow on a glow jig and your second line rigged with  a small jig tipped with a wax worm. 
Northern pike are still cruising shallow weed beds as the ... Read >> Josh Hagemeister Fishing Report January 19

image of Gus' Place Logo Ball Club Lake, Gus' Place Resort January 19, 2017

"For the anglers on Ball Club Lake who are on the right spot at the right time, you might find a few Crappies.
Keep the bait presentation simple; a # 4 or 6 hook, a glow bead and a live Fat Head minnow should do the trick." - Gus Sheker, Gus' Place Resort 1-888-246-8520

image of big crappie in the icy water

image denotes link to fish rapper article Marcell Area - Edge of the Wilderness, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson January 19, 2017

"A break in the cold weather patterns that have been plaguing the area for the past several weeks seemed to be in order. Then along came Monday and temperatures had started to rise to more acceptable levels. The opening of the winter trout season was indeed cold but there were some hardy souls that braved the conditions and were amply rewarded for ... Read >> Frontier Sports Report January 19

image of new Lund Pontoon Boat

Lund Boats Launches New 2017 LX Pontoon Series January 19, 2017

"Popular boat manufacturer releases a new series of pontoon boats designed for recreational use, fishing and multi-use enjoyment. For 2017, Lund Boats is introducing its new LX Series pontoon boats, a complete family of ... Learn More >> First Look Lund Pontoon Series

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 18, 2017 - January Thaw, Travel Conditions Favorable

Over the past few days, the most notable part of my fishing experience has been the improving travel conditions.

image of vehicles on the ice

Warm air temperatures and sunshine have taken a bite out of the fluffy snow cover that blanketed our lakes. Now that the snow has become compacted, travel by pickup truck appears to be available almost everywhere in the Itasca area. The lakes that I fished on Monday and Tuesday offered multiple sets of ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report January 18, 2017

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism January 17, 2017

"Great ice fishing continues on Lake of the Woods. The key depth's are 28 - 31 ft with glow red, pink and gold overall best colors. Walleyes and saugers mix with some jumbo perch, eelpout and sturgeon as well. Most fish on the bottom. Electronics really help your catch rate. Live emerald shiners ... Read >> Lake of the Woods Fishing Report January 17, 2017

image of walleyes on fillet table

image of big northern pike caught on ball club lake

image of Gus' Place Logo Ball Club Lake, Gus' Place Resort January 17, 2017

"Ball Club Lake has near ideal conditions. Nineteen inches of ice and if you have a 4-wheel drive, you are able to enjoy fishing all over the lake.
Anglers are finding great mixed bags of Whitefish, Perch, Crappie, Walleye and of course what Ball Club is famous for; great Northerns.
*Try the Northerns and Perch in 12-18 feet during day light hours.
*Look for the Walleye early morning and late afternoon 25-35 feet.
*The Whitefish & Crappie are suspended in 45 feet.
It is a great time to be on the ice; Ball Club Lake." - Gus Sheker, Gus' Place Resort 1-888-246-8520

image links to wired2fish Scary boat accident in College fishing tournament January 17, 2017

"Two anglers from University of Florida College Bass Fishing team captured a very scary boating accident on their GoPro camera while running nearly 60 mph. College anglers Hunter Bland and Conner Young of the University of Florida bass fishing team were ejected from ... Learn More " >> Accident in College fishing tournament

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image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 17, 2017 - Summer Fishing Winnibigoshish vs Bowstring; Pros and Cons

Q) Hey Jeff, I have a question regarding our fishing trip this June. We were debating switching to Bowstring over Winnie (Winnibigoshish) and scheduling the dates for June 17-24. Do you have any thoughts about the pros and cons of fishing Bowstring vs Winnie during that time? Corey Schmidt
A) The real time comparison between Winnie and Bowstring is ... Read >> Winnibigoshish vs Bowstring; Pros and Cons

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, Border View Lodge January 17, 2017

"Another week of some great catches! We are in the 4 miles off of Pine Island range and continue to move. Our houses are currently in the 31-32 foot range of depth. Nice mixed bags of fish with mostly Walleye has been the trend this past week. We continue to see the ..." Read >> Border View Fishing Report January 17, 2017

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake Winnibigoshish and Cutfoot Sioux, Eagle Nest Lodge January 17, 2017

"We just had a fishing group over the weekend and they reported better fishing as the weather warmed up. Nice perch on the north side of Winnie and 14-20" of ice there. Cutfoot still is struggling to make ice, it's around 10-12 inches now. I saw a couple trucks out there yesterday, I'm not sure how wise that is!" - Bryan Harris, Eagle Nest Lodge 218-246-8701

image denotes link to fish rapper article From Bowstring Lake, Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort January 17, 2017

"The bite on Bowstring Has been Good. Crappies have been in the deeper water both on the south and north end and west side. Travel has  been ok. Driving 4x4 from one end of the lake to the other is ok. All public landings have been good the north one is getting a little deep but trucks where still going off there this past weekend. They said they did find a few smaller slush spots around the lake. So as always all ice is never 100% Safe ice." - Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort. 218-832-3101 .

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 16, 2017 - Grand Rapids Area "Nice" Fishing Report

It's amazing what happens when the weather turns nice. After weeks of super cold, snowy weather, there was a pent up demand by anglers in the Grand Rapids area hoping for a family weekend close to home.
Until now, most folks with big rigs had been forced to drive to Upper Red Lake, where there was enough ice and plenty of access to allow them a spot to fish. By Saturday though, a combination of light snow cover and ... Read >> Fishing Report January 16, 2017

image of jeff sundin with nice crappie

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" January 16, 2017 - Minnesota winter trout opener in the books.

Prior last weekend, I thought it through, wondering just where I would go and for what species. We’re quite fortunate to have as many options as we do, when it comes to trout fishing and can give our DNR a well-deserved pat on the back for that.
Lake trout entered my mind, as they’re always fun. I love watching their antics, chasing a bait up and down the water column. We call it “cat and mouse.”
I’ve angled for Minnesota lake trout all across the North Country, ranging from Ely’s Snowbank and Burntside Lakes to Trout Lake north of Grand Rapids. There’s plenty of opportunities if you search them out. Even some of the mine pits offer lake trout fishing.
Stream trout (rainbows, browns, and brookies) also tempted me. Normally, that’s what I go for on the much-heralded opening day. While lake trout fishing has you being a lot more active with moving about, hole drilling, and jigging motions, “streamers” usually involve ... Read >> Greg's Guidelines January 16

image of justin bailey and matt bruer with big lake trout

Fish ED New Video January 13, 2017 "Big Water Bluegill Secrets"

Many Panfish anglers dream of finding a secret back woods lake loaded with big bluegills. But Fish ED host Jon Thelen says the Midwest’s most overlooked opportunities actually exist in much larger bodies of water.
Let's join John and fellow guide Jeff Sundin as they reveal how you too can reach this big water bounty. View Video >> Big Water Bluegill Secrects

image of big bluegill

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 14, 2017 - Bowstring Sand and Cutfoot Area Travel Report

On Friday morning, I read a message from Thomas Brown via the facebook page. His question reminded me that it was time to take a tour of the area and check out the travel conditions, so that's what I did.
Q) “Jeff. I was wondering if you been able to get on cut foot? And if there driving out to Mcavity Bay? Thanks and good luck fishing.”
A) Thomas, I did stop at the Williams Narrows Campground landing and there are vehicle tracks in the snow, but it was obvious that traffic has ... Read >> Ice Report January 14, 2017

image of ice conditions at Cutfoot Sioux

image of Walleye from lake of the woods

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism January 13, 2017

"Ice fishing has heated back up quickly with stable weather. The key depth's remain 24 - 31 ft and glow red, pink and gold. A one-two punch of jigging with a rattle spoon tipped with a tail or head of a shiner and a deadstick with a plain hook has been most effective. Walleyes and saugers mix. Some big saugers and trophy walleyes being iced. 15-20" of ice on the lake. Some resorts are allowing 3/4 ton trucks with wheel houses. Day by day decisions for each resort. Work through resorts as their ice roads are monitored. Know where you are going. As always, safety first.
The Rainy River has been good for ... Read >> Lake of the Woods Report January 13, 2017

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 13, 2017 - Flag Island Resort, Hidden Gem On Lake of the Woods

If you’d compare our last few days to a lot of fishing trips, it wouldn’t sound very spectacular. The weather was cold; our equipment wasn’t performing very well and our days were filled with unexpected interruptions. Despite all of that, the trip was still a huge success, we made it home safe and sound and today we're all smiles.
I’ll tell you why; it was thanks to our ... Read >> Fishing Report January 13, 2017

image of crappies on ice

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" January 12, 2017

Frigid weather always manages to throw a wrench into things. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be your car that doesn’t start, freezing water lines, or school closings, to name a few. It also toys with those that like to go ice fishing.
If you’re parked in the garage or have your truck plugged in, you’re good to go but you’ll also have to check your tires. Almost without fail, one or more of them will be borderline in needing air.
If there’s any good at all coming from an Arctic blast, it’s the fact that lake ice is getting thicker and that’s a good thing, as who wants to ... Read >> Greg's Guide Lines January 12, 2017

image of dennis rule with red lake walleye

image links to trails end resort Bowstring Lake, Geiger's Trails End Resort January 11, 2017;

"This last weekend was a VERY slow bite. We tried everything we had, but found that the best presentation was a minnow and a deadstick.
Vexilar, Clam, Ice Team Prostaff, Jiffy, Osakis Guide Service, Team Walleye Slayerz, Barb Carey from WI Women Fish and many more helped sponsor our First Ice Fishing Clinic for Women Anglers of Minnesota. We had the pleasure of having 38 women brave the cold snap to try for fish. This weekend was very successful! We even had a first ever fish caught. (picture to come).
Our access is open for truck travel with or without wheelhouses. We offer different access packages: daily $10 per vehicle; weekend pass for $20 per vehicle; wheelhouses are $20 per vehicle is staying overnight; $100 season access pass; $500 Ice House Care Package.
Cabins are filling up fast, but you still can find a spot. Check out our website for availability." - Bill & Erin Charlton, Trails End Resort .

image of dylan maki with big lake trout image denotes link to fish rapper article From The Marcell Area, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson (Jan. 11, 2017); "Weather conditions have been difficult for a while and the number of anglers willing to brave the extreme cold was relatively low in this area. Those that did go out had a slow time of it but did catch a respectable amount of Walleyes and Perch. The Crappie bite was rather slow as well but that is about to change for the coming weekend. Temperatures are expected to rise into the twenties and even the thirties by early next week and that should bring an about face as far as angler participation and success is concerned. The ice conditions and thickness on the area lakes is excellent with ten to sixteen inches of ice and ... Read >> Frontier Sports Ice Fishing Report

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, Border View Lodge January 9, 2017;

"This week brought some of the consistencies we were looking for. The temperatures have mostly been below zero with the coldest being -37, the barometer has definitely been more stable this past week. The week ahead shows some changing weather, hopefully nothing too drastic so we can keep the current hot bite.
Anglers have been having great success, many nice keepers and some big ones mixed in. The numbers of large Sauger caught this year has been incredible. Also, caught this week was a near record breaker Tullibee at 5lb 7oz.
We are 3.5 miles from Pine Island in 31 feet of water and there is 19-20 inches of ice.
The forecast shows we may get above zero today and part of tomorrow, then back to the single digits below. There is a possible chance of snow the next couple of days. With over a foot of snow already on the lake we do not need any more at this time, but as Mother Nature always proves we will take what we get and like it.
It has been another week of standard go to Lake of the Woods colors, gold, glow red, and something that rattles is best to have on your line. Those who have been actively fishing and using electronics are catching more fish." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image denotes link to fish rapper article Q&A Lake Winnibigoshish Travel Conditions? Update January 9, 2017

Q) “We are heading up to the cabin on Winnie this Tuesday or so and wondering if you know whether or not we can drive on Winnie with the snow. Or will we be on sleds or out of Highbanks on their roads, how about Bowstring?” Thanks! Jeff Anderes
A) There were some folks driving on bowstring last week, but there are some dicey spots on the ice and I'd rather stick with snow machines. On Winnie, Nodak's has a public road onto the lake this winter and the one out of Trapper's Landing on the west side is open too. The Third River Access is open, so is Highbanks and there are some tracks heading out from Plughat too. I don't think that the snow is deep enough to rule out off road driving, but there are some drifted areas and we are supposed to get a little more this week. I think you should plan on snowmobiles, but unless we get a lot of snow, you'll see vehicle traffic on the rise this week too.
image of fish smiley On January 8, I received another brief update from a friend who let me know that there are some folks traveling by truck in Tamarack Bay on Winnibigoshish. None of them have moved out of the bay, so it's uncertain whether or not there is access to the main lake from Tamarack Bay, but it sounds like "off-road" travel within the bay is good.

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 7, 2017 - Lending A Helping Hand For Tommy Howell

Walleye anglers around the Lake Winnie Region have either met, heard of, or maybe even fished with Tom Howell. As a popular Walleye fishing guide, Tommy made a lot of friends in the area and one of them dropped me a line this morning with a special request for help.
Tony Hanson referred me to the GoFundMe website where I found the article about what’s going on in Tommy’s life. I agree with Tony, the Howell family could use a ... Learn More >> Tommy Howell


Fish ED Finding The Perfect Early Winter Perch Spot January 6, 2017

"One trick to finding perch fast is focusing on areas that offer an abundance of food. In many lakes the best spots are transition lines were hard and soft bottoms meet. Let's join Jon Thelen as he explains how these underwater intersections serve up all you can eat buffets, attracting schools of hungry perch that make for fast winter fishing." View Video >> The Perfect Early Winter Perch Spot


image links to perch fishing video

image of walleye caught on lake of the woods

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism January 6, 2017

"On the main lake, Big Traverse Bay Ice fishing is in full swing and fishing is good. The key depths are 24 – 31 feet and glow red, pink and gold are good colors to start with.  Rattle spoons tipped with a minnow head or tail has been the best for the jigging line.  Use a plain hook or an ice jig with a live minnow for the dead stick. Nice mix of walleyes and ... Read >> Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing Report

image links to wired2fish First Look: Wave Away Sonar and GPS Cleaner January 6, 2017

"This cleaning solution makes even the dirtiest screens look brand new. I’m probably a little too particular about the screens on my Lowrance units; I’ve had a lot of buddies give me grief for cleaning them so often. These units are essentially my underwater eyes, so if ..." Read >> Sonar and GPS Cleaner


image links to article about cleaning depth finder screen



image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Searching For A Snowmobile Part January 6, 2017 - Can You Help?

I don’t usually use the fishing report to ask my own questions, but this time I need all the help I can get.
I have a perfectly good, well running 1999 Arctic Cat Bearcat Snowmobile; I could get on it and ride anywhere right now; if only I had a muffler for it.
My local snowmobile repair man can’t find one, the parts houses that supposedly sell “new” parts don’t stock them anymore and if there’s one laying in a salvage yard, I don’t know about it.
If you know somebody who knows how to find one, I would sure appreciate if you’d help connect us. I’ve go t the part number, so you don’t have to waste time asking 20 questions just tell “Your Guy” what I need is Part #: 0712-189 Expansion Chamber. If you can help, please do, I’ll owe you one! Contact ME

image denotes link to fish rapper article Leech Lake, Trappers Landing Lodge January 5, 2017

"Ice Road out of Trappers has 17-20 inches of ice on main basin of Leech. Ice road goes from here out to Huddle’s Reef, over to Variety and over to Big Rock Reef. We are open to all vehicle traffic no restrictions. Anglers are finding most of their walleye in ... Read >> Leech Lake Ice Fishing Report

image denotes link to fish rapper article Leech Lake, Oak Point Resort, Steam Boat Bay January 5, 2017

"We have spear houses and spearing has been relatively slow so far. There is around 15-16" of ice and we have been driving vehicles for a week or so. The snow and drifting are starting to make it hard to drive anywhere but our ice road. You can still make it but it is getting difficult. I do not see any slush under the snow on our bay but I also haven't ventured to any new areas either." - Oak Point Resort, Lee Nupson (218) 335-2993

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake Winnibigoshish, Nodak Lodge January 5, 2017

"We now have 14 to 16 inches of ice. We are currently fishing 1 to 3 miles out on Horseshoe and the Sang hole. From there on down to Hunters hump have been getting the PERCH in deep and shallow water 28 to 32 feet and some days are in 15 to 18 feet.
WALLEYES have been little slow for the start of the year but getting them in 18 to 23 feet has been the best and even had some walleyes come out of 32 feet.
We are now driving up to 3/4 ton trucks and any wheel houses, 4x4 only. No 1 tons yet. We are still in a limited area due to a crack 1 1/2 miles out in front, but still plenty of area to fish. We started to plow all roads on Jan 4th to get ready for the weekend." - Nodak Lodge 1-800-752-2758

image denotes link to fish rapper article On Lake Winnibigoshish, Dixon Lake Resort January 5th, 2017

"Ice on the 3rd is at 14inches last hole cut. We have not cut in new holes in a few days. There is snow, but a lot has been blown off, so getting around in your truck is still pretty good. Guys are shooting off all over. The pressure ridge is farther out then normal so giving anglers a lot more space on this side.
Water clarity has cleared up and is just about perfect. Still some ... Read >> Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Report

image denotes link to fish rapper article On Cass Lake, Sah-Kah Tay Resort January 5th, 2017

"Our ice is 10” in most places, guys are driving all over the lake with 4 wheelers and I have seen a few small pickups. – the south end of the lake is all I can talk too, we had guests in this last weekend and they did “ok” with the perch mostly in 6-8 feet of water.  They tried some other locations but always gravitated back to the south bay. Very little snow on the lake most has blown away with the last few windy days." - Wayne & Sue Marchant, Sah-Kah-Tay Beach Resort (218) 335-2424

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 4, 2017 - Saving For A Blustery Day, A Solid Strategy

I'm glad that I'm a saver and not a spender. If I wasn't, we could easily have fallen short of our goal on Tuesday. In fact, standing at the landing and watching the snow blowing across the surface, we almost decided to bag the trip and not fish at all. But you know how it goes, once you’ve driven a long way to get to the lake, it’s hard to give up without at least trying to make something happen.
With temperatures plummeting and the wind ripping across the ice, it was hardly time to experiment. Hole hopping across the flats, searching for fresh territory just wasn’t gonna work, the blowing snow would fill up our ice holes as fast as we could drill them. If we were going to succeed today, we would have to ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report January 4th, 2017

image of fishing spot on map

image denotes link to fish rapper article NEWS RELEASE Lake Vermilion Walleye regulation to change - January 4, 2017

"Anglers on Lake Vermilion in northeastern Minnesota will be able to keep walleye up to 20 inches long, with one allowed over 26 inches, starting with the May fishing opener, according to the Department of Natural Resources. The new regulation will require release of walleye from ..." Learn More >> Lake Vermilion Walleye

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" January 3, 2017

Back-in-the-bush, exploring, something I love to do but it usually doesn’t pan out the way I hoped it would. In this case, it was a couple of small, semi-private lakes that offer fantastic fishing during the open water period but had a reputation for not giving up a thing during the winter.
Feeling I was just the guy to “crack the case”, I teamed up with guide partner Justin Bailey for a little trek into ... read >> Greg's Guidelines January 3, 2017

image of justin bailey

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 2, 2017 - New Years Weekend Ice Fishing Updates

New Years fishing traffic was brisk, but most rigs were headed for Upper Red Lake. Traffic on Grand Rapids area lakes is building, but won't peak until travel by pickup truck becomes possible. On Saturday, we found some snowmobile tracks and watched 3 or 4 ice fishermen walking portables toward the Crappie hole, but nobody, including me, wanted to be the first one to test whether or not they could drive a truck onto the ice. That began to change on Sunday and after I get back from a special assignment today, I'll tell you more about that.


image of bluegills on the ice

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, Border View Lodge January 2, 2017;

"Changing weather and conditions seem to be the trend this season. Today starts a whole new year so we are hoping to see weather settling into regular patterns soon.
We are about 3.2 miles from Pine Island in 31 feet of water with our North row of houses. We made a big jump the last day or two.
Fishing has been good overall. It seems the weather systems coming and going have created some slow action at times. Yesterday the temperature went from -10 to 2 above in about 3 minutes. We prefer to see more consistency in weather for a regular bite to begin.
Glow red and gold are the go to colors, but when the bite gets tough the anglers changing their jigs often seem to be doing better.
Today we are starting to have people with ½ ton or smaller vehicles drive out while following our guides. There are still some issues on the lake with cracks and bridges in place. The ice thickness has become much more consistent at 17 inches." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image denotes link to fish rapper article Marcell Area - Edge of the Wilderness, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson December 29, 2016;

"Fishing has been very good in the Edge of the Wilderness area as of late. Crappies continue to cooperate with anglers fishing the smaller lakes. The ice on the big lakes can vary quite a bit. Ice thicknesses of anywhere from six to twelve inches have ... Read >> Frontier Sports Report 12-29

image links to bass fishing video

image links to wired2fish How to Ice Fish Bass With Crankbaits December 29

Here’s a cool look at how to catch bass through the ice using the versatile lipless crankbait. Underwater video supports our point! As is the case when ice fishing crappie and walleye, bass are attracted to the profile, sound and vibration emitted by lipless ... View Video >> Ice Fish Bass With Crankbaits

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report December 29, 2016 - New Years Weekend Ice Fishing Updates

Travel conditions on area lakes are very favorable for snowmobiles and ATV’s. With light snow cover and continued cold temperatures travel by light truck is fast becoming an option too, but caution is advised because unfortunately, ice ridges and cracking are going to be of major concern in the region this weekend.
The dramatic drop in temperatures that forced lakes into an instant transformation from open water to ice also caused the production of uneven, unstable ice sheets.
Over the past few days, I’ve ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report December 29, 2016

image links to trails end resort Bowstring Lake, Geiger's Trails End Resort December 28, 2016;

"Bill has verified that the West Access is heaved up. That heave has stretched across by us and is a doozy. Bill is working hard at getting it knocked down so we may have immediate access to the lake. However, we can sneak around it with a drive along the shore.
We are excited to kick off the Ice Fishing Season! We have been watching the ice thicken. At this time, we are finding anywhere from 10-14" depending on where you are. We hit a warmup, which slowed the process down, but are now back into the single digits again. Crappies have started biting like mad.
Cabins are filling up quick, but we do still have some availability. Pizza, Pizza, Pizza, We deliver on the ice!" - Bill & Erin Charlton, Trails End Reosrt .

image of Gus' Place Logo Ball Club Lake, Gus' Place Resort December 27, 2016

"Conditions on the lake are off to a good start. We have 12-13 inches of ice in front of the resort and a little more on the South end of the lake with only a couple of inches of snow on top. The news from the grapevine is that the North end of the lake has much less ice. In fact, about half the thickness of the South end. Use caution if you plan to fish the area.
We now have the Day Houses set for both spearing and ... Read >> Gus' Place Report 12-27

image denotes link to fish rapper articleFrom Bowstring Lake, Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort December 27, 2016;

"Everything I have checked has been 12 inches. Crappies have been good in 26 to 30 feet. North and west end have been the best. BUT there are several Ice pressure cracks out in front of Bowstring shores resort ( check it out on our web cam) And they run across perch point . And a few others around the lake so Be very careful when going out on the lake. And as always there is no safe ice." - Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort. 218-832-3101 .

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" December 26, 2016

Ice fishing is in full swing, no matter where you care to go. Throughout the past two weeks, we’ve tested the waters all the way from Mille Lacs Lake to Lake of the Woods and the report is very good.
Mille Lacs Lake: Justin Bailey made a recent trip there and reports fantastic fishing, if you’re in the mood for a catch-and-release type of day, which is just what he was looking for. All walleye less than 19” or greater than 21” must be released and ... Read >> Greg's Guide Lines December 26, 2016

image of Crappies on ice at Bowstring Lake

Fish ED New Video Versatile Lure For Cold Front Walleyes

Because Walleye go through mood swings on a seasonal, daily and even hourly basis, finding a presentation that matches their current disposition is critical to catching fish. Today Jon Thelen talks about how versatile Walleye lures like the new Lindy Wally Talker can help you trigger strikes what other lures can't. View Video >> Versatile Lure For Cold Front Walleyes

image links to video about ice fishing for Walleyes


image of crappie on ice

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report December 23, 2016 - Ice Fishing Report

I love Walleyes and fishing for them, so it's been nice to spend a couple of days on Upper Red Lake in hot pursuit of them. But if there’s anything that lights up my Christmas tree, it is the sight of the first Crappie pushing it's nose past 6 inches of clear, early season ice. On Thursday afternoon, we had wrapped up our trip to Red Lake just early enough to head south and ... Read >> Ice Fishing Upper Red Lake + A Trip To The Crappie Hole

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" December 19, 2016 Red Lake Reservation Trout

Alarms were set for 2 am. Not mine, however, as I’m a light sleeper and was awake nearly every half hour, looking at the clock. And who wouldn’t? A trip was planned for a day on the Red Lake Reservation, ice fishing for rainbow trout. Can you say “giddy?”
Reminding native fishing guide, Daris Rosebear, several times throughout the fall and into the first phases of winter, I repeatedly said “I want to be one of the first on the ice with you this year. Contact me when it’s good to go.” He did.
I first noticed a Facebook post from Daris, late last Thursday evening, informing the fishing world that he had started off his season with a fantastic outing. Proof was in the pictures. As I was drooling, looking over photos of fat, husky rainbow trout, a message popped up. It was Daris, saying he had ... Read >> Greg's Guidelines December 19, Red Lake Trout

image of greg clusiau with big rainbow trout

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, Border View Lodge December 19, 2016; Game on! We have hit the ice!

"We have the houses situated off of Pine Island in our normal starting path. We are in the 25 foot of water range and the water and ice are nice and clear. It is hard to believe how fast we made ice this year. It was a great surprise to see the lake freeze over and put up to 9 inches of ice on in 4 days. I would have never thought that was possible. We are still in the deep cold and the forecast shows temps rising for the next few days.
Fishing has been good! Plenty of nice eaters being caught with some big ones mixed in. Of course, we have the occasional Burbot and yesterday a 36-inch Sturgeon. Action on the dead sticks seems to work really well when the other is being actively jigged with something noisy or has flashy colors. Glow red or pink have been go to colors so far.
Tom’s Tackle came out with a new jig for the season “Shiner Eyes” they seem to be working very well. Also, the drop shots Toms Tackle makes for us have been getting nice bites." We are wishing everyone a great Holiday Season!" 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .


Fish ED New Episode December 15, 2016 "Pre-Cold Front Panfish Pattern"

A lot of anglers don't think about cold fronts during the ice fishing season, but they should. This week on Fish Ed host Jon Thelen shows you how to adjust your strategy so you can take advantage of incoming cold fronts and catch more Crappies on your home water. View Video >> Pre-Cold Front Panfish Pattern

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report December 13, 2016 - Ice Fishing Report

If there’s anything that will erase all doubt about the availability of good ice, I think that a week of single digit temperatures fits the bill. In fact, I think that this cold snap is about to change the outcome of the entire ice fishing season.
For a little while, freeze up was actually falling behind the pace of the 2015 ice season. But check last year’s ice report archives and you’ll see that Mother Nature ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report Deember 13, 2016

image links to trails end resort Bowstring Lake, Geiger's Trails End Resort December 13, 2016;

"Saturday December 10th was the official freeze up on Bowstring Lake. On Sunday afternoon we measured only a few inches of ice very near shore, so “safe ice” is still a few days away.
Things are developing fast though, and we've already had some inquiries from anglers who want to get out and do some early reconnaissance. By the end of our day today; we’ll have some better statistics about ice thicknesses, maybe even an early fish report.
Christmas is almost here and just for you, we’re offering a special Christmas gift ... learn more >> Trails End Christmas Gift

image links to ice fishing article

Lindy Land Feature Article "How To Catch Tough-Bite Perch"

When portly yellow perch are on the bite, flashy ice fishing favorites such as Lindy’s legendary Frostee Spoon and Rattl’n Flyer Spoon are hard to beat for attracting and triggering hungry jumbos. There’s little reason to retie while the Perch ... Read >> How To Catch Tough-Bite Perch

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report December 12, 2016 - Ice Fishing Season Begins

Now that the weekend has passed and you’re back to work, conditions for hoofing it to the ice hole are shaping up to be almost ideal.
Only a couple of days ago, the idea was to find a spot or two where anxious anglers could take a walk safely. During that time, ice conditions improved so fast that now almost everybody who wants to can ... Read >> Ice Fishing Report December 12


image of nice Crappies on the ice

image denotes link to fish rapper article On Lake Winnibigoshish, Dixon Lake Resort, Third River Landing Access Is Open

Many of you may not realize it, but that tradition almost came to a screeching halt this year and without serious intervention, this note could have been to lament the passing of an era for anglers on Winnibigoshish. Luckily, that’s not the case and the folks at Dixon Lake Resort asked us all to pass on a note of thanks to the folks that... Read >> Third River Landing Access To Remain Open

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" December 12, 2016

Browsing through a stack of old magazines, I came across a few “Ice Team Reports” from the late 90’s. I used to be a regular contributor to these popular ice fishing magazines and thought I’d share one of the articles and make a few comparisons from today. This one is titled “Guiding on Ice.” “Several years ago, I had the crazy thought of starting a ... Read >> Greg's Guidelines December 12, 2016


image of Ryan Berzins with nice Crappie

image of Lindy Wally Talker

Lindy Land Feature Article "First-Ice Walleyes Now We're Talking!"

As cool weather finally cloaks lakes around the Midwest in a welcome sheet of ice, anglers eagerly gear up for their first hardwater forays of the season.
On the walleye front, shallow, fertile, first-to-freeze lakes offer some of your best chances for early winter hookups. These systems range in size from less than 100 acres up to massive fisheries like Minnesota’s famed ... Read >> First-Ice Walleyes Now We're Talking!

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report December 11, 2016 - Now that was a surprise, even to me!

No, I wasn’t surprised that almost every shallow lake I looked at on Saturday was ice covered, that wasn’t any big news. I wasn’t even too surprised by seeing larger, deeper water lakes like Splithand, Shallow and Moose covered with ice either; but Pokegama, seriously? When I ... Read >> Ice Rport December 11, 2016

image of pokegama lake on december 10 2016

image links to fishing question from reader Q&A December 9, 2016 Humminbird Helix Ice 7 - Steve Sykes wrote;

"I have been looking for a new sonar for ice fishing that has GPS. I noticed you included the Hummingbird Ice Helix 7 on your fishing report on Thursday. If the GPS works just like the Hummingbird I have in my boat I know it will be good. One thing I had heard about the Helix 5 is it has a hard time picking fish up right on the bottom when compared to the traditional flashers. Would you be able to comment on this?
A) Steve, it’s ironic that you’re asking today about the Helix Ice 7 because as it happens, I just ordered one for ... Read >> Question Humminbird Helix Ice 7

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report December 9, 2016 - Move South For Ice This Weekend? Yes

There's no doubt that if you want to, you can find enough ice to fish on this weekend. However, most of it will not be available in the Grand Rapids area.
On Thursday, the list of ice covered lakes in my home area grew slightly, but so far I’ve only found one with enough ice to ... Read >> Ice Report December 9, 2016

image of DNR News Release

Zebra mussel larvae confirmed in Leech Lake December 9, 2016

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed zebra mussels in their larval stage in two locations in Leech Lake in Cass County. The DNR has found no adult zebra mussels in the lake, but the locations and numbers of zebra mussel ... Read >> Zebra mussel larvae confirmed in Leech Lake

image of humminbird ice helix 7 links to more information

image links to video about ice fishing for bluegills

For Sale: 2016 Lund 208 ProV GL Tiller, Mercury Verado 200 HP "Big Tiller"

2016 Lund 208 Pro V GL Tiller, 2016 Mercury Verado “Big Tiller”, 2016 Dual Axle Trailer.
You've been ready for the ultimate ride in a tiller boat for a long time, but you thought it would be way too expensive for you; not anymore!
It’s getting close to the end of the season and my boat is ready for a new home. That means that you can cash in on big savings by ... Learn More >> 2016 Lund 208 Pro V GL Tiller For Sale


image of lund 208 pro v gl tiller boat for sale


image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report October 13, 2016 - Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of ... a fishing trip?

Fishing might not have been the first thing that came to mind when Thomas Jefferson began writing the declaration of independence. But it was the first thought that came to my mind as I read this question from Deron DoRight.
Q) Jeff, I always enjoy reading your fishrapper reports.  I am a full time, year round guide in MN, just like you.  I have only been doing it full time for 6 years.  I am a licensed Coast Guard Captain. I need to be by law to guide on ... Read >> "Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Fishing"

image links to fishing question
image links to article about preparing Asian Carp

Wired2Fish October 7, 2016 "Eat the Invaders: Asian Carp on the Menu"

"Eat me! That’s one way to stop the spread. Participants of the Aquatic Invaders Summit II this week in St. Cloud, Minnesota may well now be hooked on carp. Conference attendees were treated to a rare delicacy, smoked Asian Carp compliments of ... Read >> Eat the Invaders: Asian Carp on the Menu

image of lindy live bait jig

image of Lindy logo Lindy Live Bait Jig Features and Benifits Video

Look Familiar? The Lindy Live Bait Jig may have a new name, but it's been around a long time. The jig popularized by carreer fishing guide, Jeff Sundin has been used to catch fish all over the midwest and thanks to Lindy for giving them a new home, these awesome jigs will be available everywhere this spring. Jon Thelen shares his insights about what makes these live bait jigs so deadly. View Video >> Lindy Live Bait Jig Features and Benifits

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report October 3, 2016 - On A Beautiful Day

How does that song go? "... You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what ... the lake will give you." That's how the song would have gone had my departed friend, Wayne Schumacher been the Rolling Stones lyricist.
Like me, Wayne was among the fraternity that believes any fish is a good fish and that it’s the lake, not the angler who decides when we ... Read >> Fishing Report October 3, 2016


image of fall color

image links to Lindy Rig video

Fish ED Video New Episode September 9, 2016 "Lindy Rigs For Summertime Walleye"

"For nearly half a century, Lindy Rigs have been a staple of serious Walleye anglers. Thanks largely to their unparalleled ability to present live bait in a natural manner. Fish ED host Jon Thelen shares time tested tricks for using these versatile live bait delivery systems to catch summertime Walleye on lakes across the Midwest." view vido >> Lindy Rigs For Summertime Walleye

image links to wired2fish Lund Introduces 2017 Renegade Series (Video) September 8, 2016

The Wired2Fish crew had the opportunity to extensively test the Lund 2017 Renegade this summer. We had been hearing a lot of talk about this long-awaited series of Mod-V fishing boats, so we spent a solid week going over every single detail. Our ultimate goal was to leave no stone unturned throughout our evaluation. We fished from it, caught bass from it and drove it and it wasn’t just a ... View Video >> Lund Introduces 2017 Renegade Series

image links to video


image of 3 fishermen with big crappies

image denotes link to fish rapper article Alexandria Ottertail Area, Capt Josh Hagemeister; September 8, 2016

"The late summer early fall action is really going good. Walleyes are schooling heavily on Steep breaks near deep water anywhere from 20 to 40 feet deep.  A night crawler or a minnow has been working well within 2 feet of the bottom. Crappies are also schooling heavily on deeper mud flats in the 20 to 30 foot range suspended anywhere from the bottom up to about 3 feet off. 1/8 ounce jig heads tipped with a small fat head minnow or a 2inch white Gulp twister tail will do the trick. The mid/day fishing action has been just as good as the morning or evening which is nice. Water temps are cooling a little bit and are hovering around 70° which is normal. Weed beds are still green and holding plenty of fish. Now is also the time to think about fall Muskie fishing as well." Capt Josh, Minnesota Fishing Guide Service 218-732-9919

Helping your fellow fishermen and women stay abreast of the ice conditions in your area is good for everybody and it's easier than you think! Fishing Reports Minnesota is the Facebook counterpart to this page and it's open to the public. So be like me, become a duly deputized "Cub Reporter" and post your own pics and comments. It's good for fishing! Click >> Fishing Reports Minnesota

image says become a duly deputized Cub Reporter
image denotes link to fish rapper article At Leech Lake, Anderson's Spirit of the North Resort (March 10); “All access are still open on Leech Lake , I recommend using 4 wheeler or sleds , There is a lot of good ice out there but old holes and spear holes that where open are getting bigger by the day so its important to watch where you go!" -Anderson's Spirit of the North Resort 1-800-516-0077
image links to Fish ED TV video

From the 2015/16 Fish Ed Television Season; "Episode 213 Shallow Water Panfish and Lake of the Woods Walleye" February 24, 2016

"Fish Ed TV brings you along on a mission with Jon Thelen and Jeff Sundin to catch shallow water, weed patch Panfish.
Next the action continues as the cameras catch up with Jon chasing storm front Walleyes on legendary Lake of the Woods." View >> Shallow Water Panfish and Lake of the Woods Walleye

image denotes link to fish rapper article From Bowstring Lake, Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort (February 24, 2016); "Not much change. Crappies still biting very well. Also are perch. Green and gold seem to be the favorite colors on the perch and crappies. Few walleyes have been caught also. Perch seen the best on top of the many humps. Crappies are in the 24 to 30 feet. The lake got a little rutted up with last weekends warm weather. But still 4x4 pickup travel all over the lake. I know the north and the south access are still working O.K" - Darv Oehlke, Bowstring Shores Resort. 218-832-3101 .

Fish Ed Ice Fishing 2 Episodes; Slab Crappies and Jumbo Perch

"Slab size Crappies and Jumbo yellow Perch are prize catches across the US, but they can also be challenging to find. That is unless you have inside information about how and where to find them.  This week Jon goes for both of these prize species and shares tested hard water tips and tactics that will help you put more fish on the ice this winter." Watch Video >> Slab Crappies and Jumbo Perch


image links to article about managing fishing line

"Tired of your fishing line getting tangled at the most inopportune times? These quick tricks will help you fish hassle-free with spinning reels.
If you frequently use spinning reels, you’re no stranger to periodic line tangles. Although recent advancements in fishing reel and line technology have drastically reduced the frustrations, you’re still bound to have line management issues throughout the fishing season.
Fortunately, there are three ways to drastically reduce spinning reel tangles. Even if you’re using relatively low-end fishing line, you’ll be able to ... Learn More >> 3 Tricks To Reduce Spinning Reel Tangles

image denotes fishing question from a reader Q&A Minnesota Walleye Management; Stocking the Stockable

Q) Brandon Watson wrote; "Hey Jeff; How is it determined what lakes are stocked with fry and what lakes with fingerlings. Also, what is the benefit to each? Thanks!"
A) Brandon, survivability is the primary benefit of stocking Walleye fingerlings. Panfish, especially Sunfish can be devastating to a freshly stocked batch of Walleye fry. It is the larger size of the fingerlings that protects them from being destroyed by small predator fish.
Fingerlings are also used for supplemental, early fall stocking of some lakes where natural populations of Walleye need a boost.  There are other instances where using fingerlings would be desirable too and one could ask; "Why not just forget about fry stocking and use fingerlings for all of our stocking needs?" The problem is that Mother Nature complicates things and growing Walleye fry to fingerling size is ... Read >> Walleye Management; Stocking the Stockable

Fish Ed Ice Fishing 2 Episodes;

"Host Jon Thelen shares some of his proven tips and tactics for icing Bluegills outside of the weedline. But first, Jon is joined by Jeff Sundin who and the duo shares ice-fishing techniques that will help you put more Perch on the ice. The " Watch Video >> Fish ED TV Episode 207 Bluegill Fishing and Perch Talking


image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report February 3, 2016 - Working Better Under Pressure?

That phrase is one that I hear a lot, that's because it applies to me. I always do my best work under pressure and folks who know me, love pointing it out too. That’s because they've watched the self-appointed "Magi Of Multi-Tasking" in action. Juggling flopping fish, re-baiting hooks, steering the boat and watching the Humminbird all at the same time; oh and firing up a stogie while I'm at it too!
Take the pressure off though and I can turn sort of worthless, slipping into a laissez a faire attitude about fishing, caring little about whether I catch anything or not.
Fish work better under pressure too and one event that makes anglers shiver is a falling barometer. Something about that tends to slip fish out of feeding mode and sends them into the depths for nappy time.
That's my best guess about what happened on ... Read Report >>> Working Better Under Pressure?

image links to ice fishing article
image links to crappie fishing article

Panfish Micro Meals: Lindy Land, Article Dan Johnson

Panfish including crappies, sunfish and yellow perch may eat a variety of foods, but they often dine on tiny aquatic animals collectively called zooplankton.
Understanding a bit about these micro meals can help you put more panfish on ice.
Microscopic zooplankton are building blocks of the underwater food chain. They feed on single-cell plants known as ... Read Article >> Panfish Micro Meals: Lindy Land, Article Dan Johnson

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report January 12, 2015 - Ice Fishing Flighty Bluegills, "No Waiting On Line 2"

You would think that by now, I'd have this fishing thing fairly well dialed in, but I don't. I still learn something new every time I go out, like this little trick I just picked up while I was fishing for Bluegills.
It started while I was fishing near the weedline in about 12 feet of water, over a slight depression where Panfish gather in the winter.
I knew that there were fish there because I could see 'em, not just on my depth finder but with my eyes too. The clear water made it easy for me to see the fish and that boosted my confidence about the location. The problem was that it was easy for the fish to ... Read >> Ice Fishing Bluegills, "No Waiting On Line #2".

image of bluegills on ice

image links to ice fishing artice

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? - By Nathaniel Myson with Jon Thelen and Jeff Sundin

"If you’re an ice-fisherman, you’ve almost certainly debated this question: Sit tight and wait for the fish to come to you or pick up and start drilling holes to go to the fish? Staying put may result in a day spent just out of the fish’s range. Go mobile and you might leave just before the fish arrive.
If this indecision is bugging you, here are a couple guys who know a thing about staying or going, and their advice can help you make better fishing decisions on the ice. Each approach offers advantages and disadvantages, and each situation is ..." Read >> Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

image of Lindy Ice Worm

Pounding For Panfish

Panfish fans have no shortage of lures and jig strokes at their disposal for putting sunfish on ice. While trendy strategies come and go, one of the oldest and most productive combinations relies on a pair of Lindy jigs and a time-tested technique that’s especially deadly when midday ’gills play hard to catch.
The tactic is called “pounding,” and its origins trace to the early days of the Ice Fishing Revolution. Pounding involves imparting a kicking motion to your ... Learn More >> Pounding For Panfish

image links to fishing article

Cracking Tubes For Better Bass Fishing - David A. Brown (10/27)

Zona’s solution was the technique known as “cracking.” Also called “snapping,” these terms aptly describe the action of sharply jerking a heavy lead-head tube and allowing the bait to drop back and “crack” into the rocks or any other solid structure you’re fishing.
Intrusive, aggressive, distinctly boisterous; cracking gets the fish’s attention and stimulates big-time bites.
“The whole system of cracking a tube is rate of fall and rate of snap,” Zona explained. Accomplishing the right action requires a few key ..." Read >> Cracking Tubes For Better Bass Fishing

image of jeff sundin with walleye caught during cold weather

Fishing The Fall Turnover In Natural Lakes - Jeff Sundin

... "This probably means that for most fishermen, "The Turnover", I mean the absolute scientific event is probably not really what influences fish locations and feeding patterns during the cold water period.
Most of us rarely, if ever see surface temperatures colder than 40 degrees and for me, 50 degree water is enough to produce changes in both location and feeding patterns. In other words, it's the fish that force me into finding alternative locations and feeding patterns well before the scientific version of turnover actually occurs.
Although there are times when a lake make may actually have completely turned over during our fishing season, it seems more likely to me that ... Read >> Fishing Fall Walleye At Turnover

image links to ice fishing article

4 Tips to Find Your Best Ice Fishing Spots in the Fall - Tim Allard

"Scouting water from a boat in the fall is a good way to learn the best places to catch crappie and walleye at the start of the ice fishing season. Late fall locations for these species are often the same as, or near, where fish will be at first ice. Saving GPS waypoints marking healthy vegetation or fish in the fall eliminates a lot of guesswork of where to go when ice arrives. Fall scouting works for a range of sport fish, but in this story our focus is walleye and crappie tactics. Here are 4 tips on where to look and how to ... " Read >> Scout For Ice Fishing Spots

image denotes link to fish rapper article(10/18) Q&A Steve Sykes Wrote; I was wondering what kind of batteries you use for your trolling motors? I just finished the 3rd season on mine and I think they are starting to lose it, toward the end of the season I noticed they weren’t holding their charge very well. Fishing as much as you do how long to you expect yours to last? Also during the winter months do you leave your batteries in your boat to take them out and store them where it’s warmer? Read Answer >> Trolling Motor Batteries
image denotes link to fish rapper article(10/18) Q&A Bill Dietz Wrote; "I had a crappie question for you. From June up until early October, I've been doing well with the crappies with a 1/16 oz Little Nipper and 1 inch Gulp minnow, but that bite has shut down in the last week. Do crappies switch from Gulp back to live minnows once the water gets cooler? I'm thinking I need to switch to live bait and slip bobbers and slow it down. This worked well in the spring. Any thoughts you have would be great! Read Answer >> Gulp Minnow Compared To Live Bait

Bank Fishing Tips for Nighttime Walleyes in the Fall

Bank fishing at night is a fun and inexpensive way to catch a lot of big walleyes in the fall. You don’t need much tackle to do it, and it’s an easy way to take walleye from both lakes and rivers. All you really need to do is find a shoreline with structure or cover that walleyes like, cast out a minnow bait and slowly reel it in until a walleye bites. If that doesn’t work, move down the shore until you ..." Read Article >> Nighttime Walleyes in the Fall
image of Walleye
image links to DNR news release

DNR begins zebra mussel pilot project treatment

"The Department of Natural Resources is initiating pilot projects aimed at treating recently discovered, small infestations of zebra mussels on Minnesota lakes. The first pilot project is the treatment of Ruth Lake in Crow Wing County. The Ruth Lake infestation was confirmed in July, after a young snorkeler found a single zebra mussel under a rock. Subsequent surveys of the lake revealed ... " Learn More >> Zebra Mussel Project

Learn How To Rig Wacky Worms for More Hookups

The wacky rig is one of the most effective bass catching presentations. It can be rigged weightless, weighted, fished on a drop shot and even a jig head, but single hook rigging remains the most popular. A lot of anglers slide an o-ring onto the center of a stick worm to reduce tearing the plastic or having fish throw the entire worm. This is important, but a single o-ring has the tendency to push the hook flat against the worm, reducing hook ups. Adding two o-rings and crossing them, with the hook slid underneath both, has the effect of keeping the hook in an upright position where it's more likely to hook the fish.
Most anglers use a single o-ring when wacky rigging to reduce loosing and tearing the plastic, but adding second o-ring provides a different advantage - hooking more bass! Watch this video and see how. >> Rig Wacky Worms for More Hookups

image links to fishing article about smallmouth bass

Bank Fishing for River or Stream Smallmouths - Tim Allard

Bank fishing a river is a great way to catch a lot of smallmouth bass and have heaps of fun. Current breaks, rapids, boulders, river bends, grass lines and timber are all smallmouth hangouts on rivers. Reading water to locate these spot’s isn’t enough. A bank angler must know how to present jigs, soft baits, topwaters and spinnerbaits naturally in current to fool ... learn more >> 8 Tips For Catching Stream and River Smallmouth

image links to Crappie fishing video

How to Drop Shot Deep Crappie and Bluegill - Wired2Fish; Video

"Chances are your favorite bass spots are also loaded with panfish. This short video shows how to quickly modify a standard bass drop shot rig to catch crappie and bluegill.
A drop shot can be deadly when panfish are just off bottom. The same finesse drop shot setup used for bass fishing is often highly effective for Crappie and Sunfish." View Video >> Drop Shot Deep Crappie and Bluegill

5 Drop Shot Tips Every Angler Should Know; "Jacob Powroznik was sitting in the pre-dawn darkness of day two at the Plano Bassmaster Elite at Lake St. Clair pulling spinning rods from his rod locker when Justin Lucas, docked next to Powroznik, said, “Jacob, help me hook up this drop shot.”
Most might find it odd that Lucas, one of the world’s best bass anglers who sits back-to-back with Powroznik near the very top of the Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings, would ask a fellow pro to help ..." read article >> 5 Drop Shot Tips Every Angler Should Know

image links to article about drop shot fishing for Bass


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