image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report December 11, 2017 "Managing The Manageable"

image of doe deer If I’d been a little bit closer to any target, I may have pulled the trigger. But when it comes to taking shots in thick cover with my muzzle loader, I’m a “scaredy cat”. I don’t mind the idea of missing the shot cleanly; I just don’t like the idea of wounding a Deer that can’t be recovered. Besides, the image of those 4 does slipping past me in a single file line will be a nice memory this winter.
So here we are, nothing left to talk about except ice fishing and luckily the timing for that is good.
Our current ice conditions are good for walking and in some cases not bad for ..." Read >> Sundin Report December 11, 2017

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, Border View Lodge December 11, 2017

"We are getting close! We currently plan to open on Wednesday the 13th. Reports have been great for those with snowmobiles and portables. We are expecting a great season!
There is still some time to take advantage of our special. Christmas comes early! We are giving $100 off the regular package price for any reservation booked to arrive on Wednesday, December 20th or Thursday, December 21st." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" December 11, 2017 - "The Ice Ride"

image of greg clusiau with crappies Yes, it’s been quite a ride on the ice fishing technology sled. The early years found me fishing without a shelter, electronics, rods/reels designed for ice fishing, and practically anything else created for today’s sport.
We never even had any heat, except on those rare occasions when a campfire was lit on the ice. We just didn’t know any better. What were we thinking? It’s a wonder we even caught anything at all. We’ve come a long way baby.
We did have the old reliable 5-gallon bucket to put things in, which was usually a plethora of what we called “jig sticks”. The jig sticks were our top-of-the-line fishing rods, which mainly consisted of ..." Read >> Greg's Guidelines

image links to wired2fish Wired2Fish Decedmber 11, 2017 "How to Get Clearer Images on Your Fish Finder Screen Shots" Jason Sealock

image of depth finder screen "If you wonder how you get such detailed fishing screen shots on new fish finders and side and down imaging technologies.
I’ve been sharing some of my fishing screenshots from my Lowrance HDS Carbon units recently on the Wired2fish Instagram page, and I’ve had a lot of messages from people wanting to know how I get such clear shots and how my screenshots show fish that actually look like fish. The answer is two fold.
So I’m creating two separate articles. This one will cover the process I actually take to get the image while on the water. Then I’m also writing a piece on how to ..." Learn More >> How To Get Clearer Screen Shot Images

image denotes link to fish rapper article Marcell Area - Edge of the Wilderness, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson December 8, 2017

"Anglers in the Edge of the Wilderness area have been anxiously awaiting conditions that would force the big lakes to freeze over. The smaller lakes have had ice for a week or two, while the larger lakes have remained open. We've had reports of ice thicknesses up to 9 inches or more on ..." Read >> Frontier Sports Ice Fishing Update December 8, 2017

image denotes link to fish rapper article On Bowstring Lake, Northern Acres Resort December 8, 2017

"Last I measured (3 days ago) we had a good 7". WHERE I MEASURED! I've seen people heading toward Cow Bay, but I wouldn't go that far yet.But no one has drowned on our lake yet.
The ice has been the noisiest I have ever heard. I don't know if that affects fishing? I haven't heard any great stories yet. Ice looks to be in good shape. Big pressure ridge developing already. Very little snow cover. HIGH WINDS!" - David Wanner, Northern Acres Resort, 218-659-2845

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, Sportsman's Lodge December 8, 2017

"The guides went out and checked conditions today in the areas we fish and travel. They found 7-9 inches on Four Mile Bay and 8-11 inches on the lake where we fish. However, they did find some areas with less than ..." Read >> Lake of the Woods Ice Update December 7, 2017

image denotes link to fish rapper article On Lake Winnibigoshish Dixon Lake Resort Decxember 7, 2017

"We put houses out on November 22nd on 5 inches. We do have all our houses out in 3 diferenet locations. Yes with this warm and cold and warm and cold it was a bit off. But really didn't get touchy till this past Sunday and Monday when it didn't refreeze for 3 days. But Mondays storm sealed it all back up and we are now sitting pretty good.
There are 10 inches of ice with little snow on it. Driving 4 wheeler's and side by sides out. Fishing and spearing. Last weekend everybody did pretty good in all locations, but sounds like yesterday it was better ..." Read More >> Lake Winnie Ice Fishing Updates December 7, 2017

image denotes link to fish rapper article Leech Lake, Big Rock Resort December 7, 2017

"We have about 4 inches in front of the resort here(we’re in the south end of horseshoe bay on the main body) and it looks like the ice heave that always shows up is already showing, too. I’ve seen some people out fishing, but haven’t heard much if they are biting." Ray Phillippi, Big Rock Resort 800-827-7106

image denotes link to fish rapper article Leech Lake, Oak Point Resort December 7, 2017

"Just checked today on Steam Boat bay, Leech Lake. We came up with between 9-11" of good ice all the way to the middle of the bay. Walker bay was still open as of this morning. Our 1st customers arrive Thurs for spear fishing." Lee Nupson, Oak Point Resort 218-335-2993

image denotes link to fish rapper article Leech Lake, Shores of Leech Lake December 7, 2017

"On calm nights, Walker Bay has skimmed over with ice. It would like to freeze over. But, the past few days have been so windy, it is open now. First calm night the Bay will likely freeze over and stay frozen.
Don't have much information about the big lake so far." Mitch & Mara Loomis, Shores of Leech Lake 218-547-1819

image denotes fishing article by Greg Clusiau Greg Clusiau, "Greg's Guidlines" December 6, 2017

image of burandt lien with crappie It’s been smooth sailing out on the lakes, so far, this new ice season but that looks to come to a screeching halt with the predicted snowfall. Up until now, I’ve been walking on glare ice. Thank goodness for ice cleats.
I’ve ice fished five different lakes (four limits and one skunk) and have found good ice on all, measuring anywhere from 5-7” and although it’s more than enough for safe walking, it sure does look spooky at times.
What I’ve been doing, to ensure ice safety, is to drill a few holes, periodically, as I’m moving along but always keeping an eye on the ice cracks, as you can see exactly how thick the ice is. It’s been good. The old phrase “out of sight, out of ..." Read >> Greg's Guidelines December 6, 2017

image denotes link to fish rapper article Lake of the Woods, LOW Tourism December 6, 2017

"The wait may be over soon for cold temperatures to create more ice. Varying ice conditions to report currently. Water clarity appears good. Resorts are out measuring ice thickness and assessing ice conditions where they can and will continue to do so all week. Safety is #1. Back bays are frozen over with 4 to 10 inches in many areas. Some pike action in back bays thus far. The Rainy River has a skim of ice across it with only a few open areas left. Water temperature remains 32.2 degrees Fahrenheit.
On an average year, resort fish houses are placed on the main lake by ..." Read >> Lake of the Woods Report December 6, 2017

Lindy Fish ED "Pay Attention To Drop Rates For Walleyes" December 6, 2017 image links to fish ed video


"This week on Fish Ed, host Jon Thelen explains drop rates for Walleye lures and why you should pay attention to them too. Put more Walleye on the ice by paying attention to all the details!"

View Video >> Pay Attention To Drop Rates For Walleyes

image links to fishrapper home page December 5, 2017 - Ice Fishing Lines; Which One Is Best?

image of ice fishing line assortment "James Friedrichs Wrote; Jeff, I’m preparing to re-spool my ice fishing reels and I’ve been looking for advice about which line to use. I have 3 friends who are avid ice fishermen, all 3 are successful, all 3 use different lines and all 3 have offered different advice.
Q) What do you think is the best way to rig up for Walleye, mono, fluorocarbon or braid? Also, do you suggest using leaders or swivels, how do you rig up your ice gear?
A) James, your question is timely because I happen to be asking many of the same questions. Supplies of my “go to” fishing line (more about that later) recently became unavailable and when I started searching for a replacement, I too was bombarded by an array of advisors whose advice left me with more questions than answers.
The confusion in part is because choosing a fishing line is subjective, what works for one, can be a nightmare for another. So understand that my answers are based on the fishing scenarios I encounter most often. In the end, your fishing situation(s) may lead you to ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Line; Which One Is Best?

image links to wired2fish Wired2Fish December 5, 2017 "Ark Rods Lancer Giveaway"

image links to fishing rod givewayWe’ve been testing the new Ark Rods Lancer for several months. In fact, Walker put together a review of this rod in which he highlighted the most noteworthy aspects of its design. Before the review was even published, he was telling us how impressive they were; especially given the competitive $89.95 price point.
We wanted to see if Wired2Fish readers felt the same way, so we teamed up with Louie Zhang of Ark Rods and put together a great giveaway!
Enter for a chance to win the 7-foot, 3-inch Mag MH Ark Rods Lancer

Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle December 5, 2017 "How to use the Lindy Rattlin' Flyer Spoon For Walleye"

image links to walleye fishing video

The Rattlin' Flyer Spoon is one of the most reliable and consistent Walleye lures on the ice for many years. It's helped a lot of anglers put more Walleyes on the ice, including veteran fishing guide Jeff Sundin.

Join Jeff as he shows you how to use the Lindy Rattlin' Flyer Spoon to put more Walleyes on the ice this season. View Video >> Lindy Rattlin' Flyer Soon For More Walleye

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report December 2, 2017 "St. Paul Ice Fishing Show Today"

The St. Paul Ice Show began yesterday, and I think it's safe to say that you can easily live your "ice fishing life" vicariously through the images and stories about ice fishing that you'll see here.
I've been sneaking around, making my list of "must haves, gotta gets and wish I hads. Why don't you stop by and compare notes about the new and improved that needs to wind up in your shopping cart for the 2018 ice season?
The regular public show hours today, December 2nd are 10am to 7pm. But if you’re anxious to get in on the hot deals early, you can buy VIP TICKETS at the door and get in two hours early. That's right, you can walk in and start filling your tackle boxes at 8:00 AM!
As usual, I’ll be working in the Lindy Booth and we’d love to have you stop in for a chat. Click here to learn more >> St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show fish smiley image - Jeff Sundin 218-245-9858 or EMAIL

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Report November 30, 2017 "Unstable Ice Conditions Now The Rule, Not The Exception"

Strong winds, warm temperatures and unstable ice conditions are the rule, not the exception. With all of the uncertainty about which lakes have good ice and which ones don’t, the only recommendation that I can offer for the weekend is to hold off and find something safer to do.
The only possible exceptions would be small lakes, preferably shallow ones that you know for a fact have been frozen since the very first cold snap. The one we received during the deer hunting season; a lot of small lakes froze at that time and without a lot of surface area, have held their own against the strong winds. Even so, stick with foot travel only, bring a safety kit and be sure that you have ..." Read >> Ice Conditions Report November 30, 2017

Lindy Fish ED "Getting Portable When Using Rental Ice Fishing Shelters" November 30, 2017

image links to fish ed video"Rental Sleepers and personal warehouses are growing in popularity. That's thanks to the elbow room and comfort they off anglers of all ages and physical abilities.
Join Jon Thelen and Jeff Sundin on Minnesota's Upper Red Lake as they show how mixing mobile tactics with a permanent base camp will help you catch more Walleyes on every trip." View Video >> Get Portable When Using Rental Shelters

image links to jeff samsel blog Jeff Samsel "Daydreams about Ice Things" November 30, 2017

"It happens every year. Usually about this time. Sometimes sooner. I see posts from friends about days spent on ice-covered lakes or read about ice fishing events, and my mind strays north. Way north.
One minute I'm focused on a task at my computer, working from my home in Georgia. Then my mind strays to a small nameless lake in Northern Minnesota a ..." Read Blog >> Jeff Samsel Daydreams about Ice Things

image links to wired2fish Wired2Fish November 29, 2017 "Ice Fishing Walleye Using Spoons and Plastics"

image links to walleye fishing video "Spoons are a must-have when ice fishing walleye, but how do select the right one, and just as importantly, how do you fish them?
Wisconsin guide Troy Peterson aka Mr. Bluegill prefers old standbys such as the Bay de Doc Swedish Pimple in natural hammered metal finishes over custom colors, but with a unique twist.
Troy adds subtle action, color, and scents to the treble hook with ultra-realistic finesse plastics. In addition to minnows, walleye actively target and feed on ..." Learn More >> Ice Fishing Walleye Using Spoons and Plastics

image fishrapper QNA Ice Conditions At Marcell MN? - November 29, 2017

Jake Mechtel wrote; "Hi Jeff, I’m looking for a change of pace from a trip to Red Lake and I have family friends who have a cabin near Marcell. I'm looking to head north and fish for Bluegills and Crappies near their cabin this weekend.
What are your thoughts on a lake that’s about 100 acres with max depth of 38 feet?
I certainly plan on having my spud bar with and I plan on drilling many holes while walking out. But I wanted your thoughts on the safety of the ice given the warm up this week.  Any info is appreciated!  Thank you!
A) Jake, if we’ve learned anything from the >> Read >> Ice Conditions Report November 29, 2017

Lindy Fish ED "Cold Front Crappies" November 29, 2017 image links to fish ed video

"Crappies don't often respond favorably to cold front conditions, not even during winter. Learning how to Capitilize on every opportunity can make a big difference and help produce a great day of ice fishing, even against the odds.

Jon Thelen shows how using Lindy's tungsten ice jigs can help you capitalize on every opportunity and why using tungsten is goinfg to help you put more fish on the ice this winter." View Video >> Cold Front Crappies

image of fishrapper badgeBowstring Lake Ice Conditions and Fishing Report November 28, 2017

Cub Reporter Kevin Duerr wrote; "We were out on Bowstring Lake last Saturday (11/24).  There was a consistent 7” of ice everywhere we checked and were able to travel by snow machine without issue. 
There is a big crack running north and south similar to where it seems to be every year – I would be very leery of crossing that until it freezes up more.  We went out the northwest access but attached is a picture of what it looked like from the north access.
Unfortunately, the fishing was pretty slow.  I’m thinking the cold front that blew in late Friday night didn’t help.  We set up on one of the popular crappie holes in front of ..." Read >> Bowstring Lake Report

image of sundin with walleyeCombine Flash, Color and Slow Drop Rate For More Winter Walleyes - November 2017

"If you want to put more walleyes on the ice, try capitalizing on their natural feeding instincts.
The combination of flash and color always attracts walleyes. But light weight spoons featuring a slower drop rate give walleyes extra time to identify and strike their target.
Jeff Sundin demonstrates how Lindy’s Quiver Spoon helps him put more walleyes on the ice." View Video >> Slow Drop Spoon For Walleyes

image denotes DNR News Release December 2017 - Fish houses and wheelhouses require license purchase for ice fishing. New definition of portable shelter expands types of structures needing to be licensed.

image of ice fishing wheel house Beginning this ice fishing season, anglers using a wheelhouse type of ice or dark-house shelter are required to purchase a license to place the shelter on the ice, even when occupying it.
A new definition for portable shelters has been provided in law, which states that a portable shelter is one that collapses, folds or is disassembled for transportation.
“Wheeled fish houses, which formerly were considered portable and thus excluded from licensing requirements for shelters, will now need to ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Houses Require License

image links to ice fishing video Fish ED Video "Ice Fishing Crappies Under Pressure"

"During early ice, Crappies can be found in deep water, shallow water and sometimes, when they're pressured, in-between.

Jon Thelen reveals a strategy for targetting areas where feeding fish transition between shallow flats and deeper, mid-lake holes." View Video >>  Crappies Under Pressure

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin "The Owl and the Grouse; Thankful For Clarity"

image of snowy owl On this day, folks often reflect on things about which they are thankful.
I’ve been thinking about that myself and the list is long, too long for this report. But there is a short story about something that happened this week that makes me thankful.
In some circles, mine included, encountering an owl is special. Owls are thought to represent a connection with wisdom and understanding, knowledge by intuition, not by credential.
Just before dark on Tuesday, I encountered one, it was a Snowy Owl and it ..." Read >> The Owl and the Grouse; Thankful For Clarity

image links to fishrapper home page Mid-Range Engine Tillers, Power Steering; Yes or No?

image links to fishing article Chris Fosse Wrote; Q) "I have a 2016 Impact 1850 and am considering switching to a tiller (pro-guide probably with a 90 HP if I do it).  Enjoyed reading your tiller article and have been meaning to ask a question!  
Do you have any tiller assist on the 90, I wonder about having to fight it in a cross wind with rough water?
Back in the day I had a 91 Gary Roach with a 75 Mercury tiller and I hated that thing under those circumstances.  Now I am almost 50 and have lots of creaky joints... so, thoughts?"
A) Chris, the simple answer to your question is this. If your budget allows, then adding the power assisted steering is a very good idea. If you want to make steering your Pro-Guide virtually effortless, then this will ..." Read Answer >> Mid-Range Engine Tillers, Power Steering; Yes or No?

image links to fishrapper home page December 2017 - Selected Locations For Ice Fishing?

image of lake map Q) Jackson wrote; "Hey Jeff, I got into ice fishing over the last two years, and you are my go to. I am a big open water fisherman, but just started ice. We have a cabin on (name withheld) Lake. Kind of a long shot, but I didn’t know if you knew anything about that lake and ice fishing, or if you’re familiar with other lakes around the area?
I don’t know if you give advice like this, but I thought I'd ask. Looking to get up there this winter to test my luck! Thank you, Jackson."
A) Jackson, I haven’t had any firsthand experience with your lake. But I do research lakes fairly often and I thought this one might be an interesting challenge.
Besides, there are probably some other readers who wouldn't mind looking over our shoulders while we take a look to see what we can learn; so here goes.
Most recently, your lake ..." Read >> Ice Fishing Structures November 18, 2017

Lindy's Favorite Ice Fishing Lures Now Available in Tungsten! 2017

image of Lindy Tungsten ice jigs It’s no secret that anglers are moving more toward the use of Tungsten lures every season.
Denser than lead, Tungsten allows us to pack more weight into small lures, allowing faster drop rates, better control and improved contact with our baits.
But what if we could find some of our old favorites; time proven confidence baits made with Tungsten instead of Lead?
Guess what? Lindy has done it! They’ve taken the most well-known family of ice fishing lures, already famous for great drop rates and produced them in all new Tungsten versions.
The Lindy Fat Boy, Lindy Ice Worm and Lindy Bug are now offered alongside the already popular Tungsten Toad.
Now ice anglers can enjoy using these proven jig designs with the added advantages that Tungsten provides.

image links to fishrapper home page Bunk Trailers vs Roller Trailers; Which Is Best?

Steve Penkoske Wrote;

Q) "Jeff, What kind of trailer do you prefer, a bunk or roller?
A) Steve, if I was assured that every landing I would ever use had water depths adequate for floating my fiberglass 208 ProV, I would absolutely prefer bunk trailers.
Bunks provide better support for my hull and given that I have enough water to float my boat, the bunk trailer is an absolute dream to load. Hands down, the bunks are a better way to go, when and if they suit your needs.
They do have one drawback and it’s a big problem for me because not all of the public access sites at the lakes I fish provide water that’s deep enough to provide adequate flotation.
That's why I still ..." Read >> Bunk Trailers vs Roller Trailers; Which Is Best?

image links to fishrapper home page Tiller Steering vs Console Steering

Pete Mayer wrote; "I read your article on Thursday about controlling a tiller boat in big waves, it makes sense, but not all of us are lucky enough to have a boat like yours. So my questions are do you really need a tiller boat and what would you do in these situations if you didn’t have one?"

Answer) Pete, you’re right, I am extremely lucky to be able to ..." Read >> Boat Control Tiller vs Console October 20, 2017


image links to article about Barotrauma What is barotrauma? Simply stated barotrauma is “injury caused to the body by changing air or water pressure.” In humans we know this as “The Bends”- a dangerous condition that divers experience when they come up too fast from deep water. Believe it or not, something similar happens in fish.
For example: When an angler angles walleye at the bottom of the lake, those walleye are experiencing a certain amount of pressure (air & water). When the angler yanks them up to the surface, that pressure is drastically reduced. This means that their gas filled cavities rapidly expand. This is particularly a problem for fish due to the presence of their ..." Read >> BAROTRAUMA AWARENESS

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin December 8, 2017 Help Jeff Sell The Boat and Receive Free Fishing Weekend!

image of Lund 208 Pro V GLThat's right, this is a fabulous boat and I love it! But it’s getting close to the end of the season and it's time to make room in the shed for ice fishing stuff, that means that my boat is ready for a new home and you can get a free fishing trip for helping sell it.
You, or someone you know can cash in on big savings by picking up this rigged, ready and fully trained in luxurious fishing boat for $15,000 below the retail price.
If you’re reading this page, then you already know that I like to ... Learn More >> Lund 208 ProV GL Tiller For Sale

image links to side imaging videoComprehensive Underwater Side Imaging Video Teaches Everything! Top Rated Video!

Okay lets cut to the chase. If you've ever asked a question about using side imaging, how it works or why it works; then you need to watch this video. This is the most comprehensive turorial about using side imaging technology that I've ever seen.
Wired2Fish teamed up with Jeff “Kolo” Kolodzinski of Humminbird to create this detailed video about understanding how and why this technology works.
"The featured product is Humminbird’s Helix-12, but the concepts will help you regardless fish finder manufacturer. Kolo breaks down how to read and interpret what side imaging, down imaging, and two-dimensional (2D) sonar are showing you, and how they can improve your fishing. We filmed real-time drone and underwater video of screen readouts to show you what rocks, weeds, fish, and bottom hardness changes look like on the screen, from the air, and below the water - seeing is believing." View Video >> Understanding Side Imaging Technologies

image denotes readers commented Q&A from Eric Stone who wrote; "We are from Green Bay and the bay provides us plenty of walleyes but we like to change it up once a year and fish different water. I and my dad are coming over to Lake Winnibigoshish in a couple of weeks, just to fish a different body of water.
I was wondering you keep mentioning that Lindy Lil’ Guy rig. We haven’t used that on the bay here; what size would you suggest buying, the 1" 1.5" or 2"?  
Also is there any kind of perch bite that goes on Lake Winnie or Leech Lake in mid-August?"
A) Eric, the answer to your question depends on the size fish that you want to target. My rule of thumb for fishing walleyes using Lindy’s Lil’ Guy is to ..." Read >> Sundin Answers Question

image denotes fishing question from a reader Q&A Minnesota Walleye Management; Stocking the Stockable

Q) Brandon Watson wrote; "Hey Jeff; How is it determined what lakes are stocked with fry and what lakes with fingerlings. Also, what is the benefit to each? Thanks!"
A) Brandon, survivability is the primary benefit of stocking Walleye fingerlings. Panfish, especially Sunfish can be devastating to a freshly stocked batch of Walleye fry. It is the larger size of the fingerlings that protects them from being destroyed by small predator fish.
Fingerlings are also used for supplemental, early fall stocking of some lakes where natural populations of Walleye need a boost.  There are other instances where using fingerlings would be desirable too and one could ask; "Why not just forget about fry stocking and use fingerlings for all of our stocking needs?" The problem is that Mother Nature complicates things and growing Walleye fry to fingerling size is ... Read >> Walleye Management; Stocking the Stockable

Comprehensive Underwater Side Imaging Video Teaches Everything! Top Rated Video! May 5, 2017

image links to videoOkay lets cut to the chase. If you've ever asked a question about using side imaging, how it works or why it works; then you need to watch this video. This is the most comprehensive turorial about using side imaging technology that I've ever seen.
Wired2Fish teamed up with Jeff “Kolo” Kolodzinski of Humminbird to create this detailed video about understanding how and why this technology works. Kolo breaks down how to read and interpret what side imaging, down imaging, and two-dimensional (2D) sonar are showing you, and how they can improve your fishing. We filmed real-time drone and underwater video of ... " View >> Understanding Side Imaging Technologies

image links to fishing guide jeff sundin Jeff Sundin Fishing Article: What Is The Value Of A Sunfish? May 4, 2017

image of jeff sundin with bluegill"I’m just like you, I wish that I could visit my favorite lake any time I want and catch oodles of big Bluegills. I’d like to bring a bunch of them home too, that way I could fix a big family fish fry for every special occasion.  
The problem is that if I fish there too often or bring home too many fish, my favorite lake won’t remain favored very long.
It’s a fact of life and we’re going to have to come to grips with it; as a group, we are extremely effective predators and we’re getting better all the time. We have the equipment, the knowledge, the leisure time and the communication skills to harvest fish faster than our favorite lakes can produce them. We literally have the ability to ..." Read Article >> What Is The Value Of A Sunfish?

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Museum Hall of Fame Bridges “History Gap” For Anglers April 23, 2017

image of Lindy display at mn fishing museumThe Minnesota Fishing Museum and Hall of Fame hosted its 10th annual “Night out with the Pros” fundraising event on Friday evening. Anglers young and old joined to celebrate the spirit of fishing and help raise funds for the Little Falls, MN based fishing museum.
Especially gratifying was to hear from so many folks who are actively promoting youth activities.

They talked about high school fishing teams, kid’s tournaments and other special events that have cropped up all over the state. It’s obviously not an accident, these folks are working really hard to make sure that ... Read >> MN Fishing Museum and Hall of Fame April 23, 2017

Fish ED New Video March 2, 2017 "How Zebra Mussels Affect Fish Location"

"Exotic Zebra Mussels have invaded countless lakes across the Midwest.
Because they filter the water, Zebra Mussels increase water clarity and cause vegetation to grow deeper than ever before. Fish ED host Jon Thelen and fellow guide Jeff Sundin reveal how these widespread, non-native mussels affect winter fish location and behavior." View Video >> How Zebra Mussels Affect Winter Fish Location

image links to ice fishing video

image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Ice Fishing Report March 1, 2017 Q&A What's The Death Cloud?

Kurt Anderson Asked; what do you mean by the term “Death Cloud”? I saw your fishing report dated February 27th and in it, you said; “I was surprised that the action stopped before sundown, but it did. By 6:00 PM the screen of my Humminbird was painting images of the “death cloud”. A) Kurt, I coined the phrase “Death Cloud” before I ever ... Read >> What's The Death Cloud?

image of humminbird screen showing death cloud

For Sale: 2016 Lund 208 ProV GL Tiller, Mercury Verado 200 HP "Big Tiller"

2016 Lund 208 Pro V GL Tiller, 2016 Mercury Verado “Big Tiller”, 2016 Dual Axle Trailer.
You've been ready for the ultimate ride in a tiller boat for a long time, but you thought it would be way too expensive for you; not anymore!
It’s getting close to the end of the season and my boat is ready for a new home. That means that you can cash in on big savings by ... Learn More >> 2016 Lund 208 Pro V GL Tiller For Sale


image of lund 208 pro v gl tiller boat for sale


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image of jeff sundin with walleye caught during cold weather

Fishing The Fall Turnover In Natural Lakes - Jeff Sundin

... "This probably means that for most fishermen, "The Turnover", I mean the absolute scientific event is probably not really what influences fish locations and feeding patterns during the cold water period.
Most of us rarely, if ever see surface temperatures colder than 40 degrees and for me, 50 degree water is enough to produce changes in both location and feeding patterns. In other words, it's the fish that force me into finding alternative locations and feeding patterns well before the scientific version of turnover actually occurs.
Although there are times when a lake make may actually have completely turned over during our fishing season, it seems more likely to me that ... Read >> Fishing Fall Walleye At Turnover


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