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image denotes fishing report submitted by Jeff Sundin Fishing Report July 31, 2014 - Sunfish and Bass, Open Water Head Scratcher

Hoping to find some above average Sunfish for a special project, I returned to the scene of my Bass fishing charter from last Saturday. During that trip we had taken a break to gather some eating fish for a fish dinner and I thought the lake had a lot of potential.
We found fish and I still think that the lake has potential, in fact if all I needed to do was gather a basket full for dinner, it wouldn't have been any problem. But on Wednesday I was looking for something special to happen, something more important than a simple basket full of fish. It turned out that we were close, but by the time we wrapped, the circumstances convinced me that I’ll just have to be patient and wait for my next opportunity.
Fishing always throws out a curve ball though and luckily, we still learned something new on this trip. We discovered that the Li'l Guy makes a good search bait for Panfish. Here’s how that happened.
Initially, I did what I usually do; I watched the Humminbird until I spotted some fish on the screen. Once I did, we stopped and attempted to zero in on the school using the conventional, vertical approach. It wasn't too hard to catch the first few fish, they readily struck 1/16 ounce Lindy Jigs tipped with a cut piece of night crawler.
The problem was that the fish were flighty, always moving and one minute they’d be under the boat and the next minute they’d be gone.  In an effort to find more fish, I began moving the boat slowly looking for new schools of fish. At the same time, we tried a variety of baits hoping to discover that there watch a magic trick that we hadn’t learned yet.
By doing that, I was hoping that we could either trigger more strikes or at least single out some larger fish by moving around.
Trolling spinners was an idea, but the water was deep and I didn't want to rig heavy weights. Beside that, I really felt like trying something new anyway and I had an idea.
The Li'l Guy was developed primarily as a Walleye bait, it seemed to me that the hybrid bait could have a lot of potential as a search bait for Panfish. We already know the Bluegills love to strike our spinners as we fish for Walleye, so why wouldn't they strike this bait too?
These baits work best when trolled at an intermediate speed. Instead of trolling at typical spinner fishing speeds of 1.1 to 1.3 MPH, troll the Li'l Guy slower; at speeds of .6 to .9 MPH. That allows me to cover more water, but at a speed that allows the fish plenty of time to react.
The large, crank bait type float provides a lot of attracting power too and the live bait helps trigger the strikes.
Once we rigged them up and began trolling, it didn't take too long to catch some fish. We rigged a couple of them with night crawlers, strung between the two hooks and one of them with a small leech on each hook. They both worked, but I think that the night crawlers worked the best.
I'm convinced that if we'd just kept on trolling around, we would have caught plenty of fish. But by now, time was getting short and we knew what we needed to know. Now it was time to have some fun.
While we were on the prowl for Panfish, we'd picked up a few Bass. It seemed like they would be active, so we re-rigged with Bass tackle and headed for some of the lakes better Bass fishing spots.
On a scale of 1 to 10, the Bass action was about a 5. They were more than willing to strike our worms when we found them, but they were scattered and hard to find. In fact, some of the lakes prime spots that usually produce multiple hook ups, now only produced singles, maybe doubles and many of them were smaller than average. Luckily, we found enough of them to produce a nice highlight reel, but I couldn’t help but wonder. What about those fish that we caught earlier, in deeper water?
Now that we were out of time, it was too late to do much about it, but I couldn't help thinking about those Bass that we caught while we were searching for Panfish. I think that's where I missed my turn; I should have taken some time to work that deeper, open water for Bass instead of rushing back into the “old reliable” spots.
I'll just bet you that the larger Bass were out there chasing those Panfish and while we were working on the spots where the fish used to be, they were out there feasting on Sunfish.
So as usual, I left the lake realizing that I have yet another homework assignment on my hands. Now I have to learn how to be a better drop shot fisherman. After I get that figured out, then we’ll go back out there for a re-match. Oh and Yes, when I figure it out, you will be the first to KNOW!
link to Wired2Fish (7/30) Fenwick Fishing Rod Giveaway from Wired2Fish; "Fenwick is a legendary name in fishing rods and was one of the first companies in the industry to build rods based on blank action. They called it “Power” and continue to build technique specific rods for both casting and spinning.
They just announced several new rod designs at ICAST and we are going to give you a chance to win one of the new spinning rods" Click to learn more and enter >> Fenwick Fishing Rod Giveaway . (8/12)
Greg Clusiau Fishing Report (7/29) From The Iron Range, Greg Clusiau wrote; "Another trip had me once again focusing on walleye but for the first two hours it was nothing but “northern city.” Pulling a crankbait, they were jumping on that thing every five minutes or so. It’s fun but not what I was looking for.
I eventually found the walleye and went to work using a crawler harness on a bottom bouncer and put together a very nice limit of 16" fish in short order. Sometimes it pays to ..." Learn More >> Read Greg Clusiau's Full Report .
image denotes field report (7/7) From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge; "Another great week of fishing! Cover Big and Little Traverse Bays for the past week has been successful. Generally fishing from Garden Island to Little Oak Island or along the Northwest Angle has been doing well. Monday night the rain gauge was over flowing with at least 6 inches of rain in a couple of hours, it was not needed, we are hoping for dryer weather to come soon.There has been a mix of anchor and jigging, drifting with spinners and even some down rigging this past week. The guides have been able to accommodate groups with their preference each day.
The forecast is showing highs in the 80’s with lows in the 50’s for the week ahead." - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .

Bowen Lodge Lake Winnie Report

July 28, 2014 - Cutfoot Sioux Mid-Summer Mixed Bag

Surface temperatures pushed to 78 degrees last week. Warm water fishing patterns are emerging. Panfish are holding on the Weed edges and early risers can get in on good fishing action by casting action baits toward the weeds.
Walleye fishing on Lake Winnie has been one of the best kept secrets in the Northland. Local resident anglers have been fishing main bars like Bena Bar, Moses and Center. They are reporting catches of ... >> Read Lake Winnie Fishing Report

Remember the report about catching Largemouth Bass by "Dead-Sticking" YUM Dingers?
Well I linked up a video that does a really nice job of explaining how to do it. In fact, the video portrays what we were doing almost perfectly. Click here to see the video >> How to Dead Stick the YUM Dingers
image denotes field report (7/25) From Lake of the Woods, Sportsman's Lodge; "Water levels may be up and down, but walleye fishing remains constant. Drifting and using spinners was the method of choice over the last week. Make your way to 22’-28’ of water near Long Point or Zippel Bay or 12’-18’ of water near Morris Point to Pine Island. Don’t forget about trolling in the shallow waters of 10’ or less as walleyes have been found there as well. Make sure you have plenty of jigs and spinners. Hammered gold is still the hot color, tip it with crawlers or leeches and you will be ready to go." - EMAIL Sportsman's Lodge .
image denotes fishing report from Rour Seasons Fishing Resort (7/24) On Lake Winnibigoshish, Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort says; "The fishing on the West Side of Lake Winnie has been a lesson in patience. Like the old saying, "take the best player available", you have to do the same while fishing.
Northerns have definitely taken a giant leap forward on the size scale. We have had several fish over 30" caught the past few days. All the methods of fishing are working for these fish. The best has been on the secondary breakline on the outside edge of the deepest weeds. Trolling or casting, the fish seem to cooperate.
Perch fishing is still very good. You can't just go to one spot and catch all the "jumbos" you want like a few weeks ago. You will need to move around, picking up a few at each location.
Walleyes continue to be very elusive. The Humps seem to be the best spot to catch fish, but the winds this past week have made them very difficult to fish. I think the trollers coming in the next few weeks are going to do well. The fish are probably suspended eating perch minnows and shiners. That remains to be seen. With that being said, the fall looks like it will be our best time for the walleye fishermen.
Our Labor Day special is right around the corner, as well as our fall discount. Pick out a date and give us a call." >> Four Seasons Resort .
image of Gus' Place Logo (7/24) Gus' Place Resort, Ball Club Lake; "Water levels remain high and stable with the surface temp @ 70 degrees.
Frequent rainfall has stained the water this summer to tea color.
Fishing remains good for Northerns, Perch and Walleye. Spoons and crank baits in 12 feet will produce a solid Northern bite throughout the day as well as an all-day Perch bite.
The Perch are still in shallow (6-8 feet) falling for minnows on bobbers and the Walleye have become widely dispersed from 12 to 30 feet.
The best bet for the Walleye is early & late in the day with leeches on jigs or Lindy rigs.
Crawlers are also taking Walleye. Keep your finger on the line and the bail open; a 5 count is about right.
There is still plenty of good fishing left this summer and we have a few cabins opening up in August." - Gus Sheker, Gus' Place Resort .
link to Wired2Fish (7/24) Mustang Survival Life Vest Giveaway from Wired2Fish; "At one time or another we all relax about life vests when we are fun fishing or just taking a boat ride but it is crucial to wear it anytime the big engine is running, at a minimum. They are called “accidents” for a reason. Comfortable, secure, and dependable are prerequisites to good life vests in our book and we count on Mustang Survival here at Wired2fish for our life vest needs. Whether on the water for photo shoots, filming, or fishing tournaments we use a premium quality Mustang life vests.
We want to give Wired2fish readers a chance to win a Mustang inflatable life vest that can be worn anytime they are in a boat or around the water in our latest giveaway." Click to learn more and enter >> Mustang Survival Life Vest Giveaway . (7/24)
image denotes field report (7/24) From The Marcell Area, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson said; "According to the Frontier Sports Fisherman’s Guide calendar, fish activity looked like it was going to be minimal to nonexistent for last weekend and the three or four days after. Unfortunately, this proved to be correct for most anglers that I’ve talked to. Dark, threatening skies of green, purple and even a weird brown purported thunder storms could appear at any time. This coupled with occasional heavy wind gusts shut the Walleye right down and the Crappie as well refused to bite. The only fish that took any notice of my lures were Rock Bass. I’ve seen this same scenario many times in weather like this. Unfortunately there is rumored to be an age old curse connected with this fish. THE CURSE of the DREADED RED EYE! According to legend, when you catch a Rock Bass, three fish that you want to catch are mysteriously subtracted from your total for the trip. Well, Sunday and Monday night, I caught so many Rock Bass, and that was all I caught, that if the curse is indeed true, I probably shouldn’t go fishing for the rest of the year. It’d be a waste of time. They were so anxious to make me miserable; I even hooked several in the back! In the long run it really doesn’t matter. Curse or no curse, this weekend you’ll find me out dragging crank baits in my favorite spots trying to make up for last week. After all you can’t catch fish, no matter what kind, if you don’t go! Bass and Pike have been the mainstays of the fish being caught this week with Crappie starting to get on bite again after all the mischievous weather we’ve just been through. Walleye have been slow for a while. The tackle department and bait shop are fully stocked for the weekend which promises to be much better." Frontier Sports features a complete and fully stocked Sporting Goods department and Bait Shop, Gas, Grocery, Deli and Gift Shop. Frontier Sports is an authorized LIVE TARGET and SAVAGE GEAR dealer. Frontier Sports 219-832-3901 or Email .

image links to Fish Ed Crappie Fishing Video

“Trolling For Summer Crappie”
This week, Fish Ed host Jon Thelen shows you the easiest, most-efficient way to load the livewell with big crappies. His trolling tactic with Lindy River Rockers works on any lake near you, but is especially effective on lakes that see a lot of fishing pressure. His “high-speed” crankbait trolling method lets the whole family get in on the fun of putting together a summertime fish fry. click >> Trolling Summer Crappie

image links to trails end resort (7/23) From Bowstring Lake, Geiger's Trails End Resort; "The Northern have been hitting hard and furious. We even had some pull a few crappies out of the North end. The Walleye are sticking on the humps up here, but with the hot weather coming, I think they will be moving into the deep pretty soon. The Dog Days are coming late this year, but I expect them to show up anytime now and that means that solid fishing patterns for Crappie, Walleye and Pike will be emerging.
August can be a very good time for fishing on Bowstring Lake and we still have some cabins available. EMAIL US for current availability." - See you on the water". - Bill & Erin Charlton, Trails End Reosrt .
Greg Clusiau Fishing Report (7/22) From The Iron Range, Greg Clusiau wrote; "I clipped on a lipless rattle bait and began trolling the weed line for northern pike. Wow. I almost forgot how much fun that was, especially when using a braided line which telegraphs the strike to the tips of your toes! High winds and rollers really had these fish in an eating mood. I remember when I used to do this to liven up a ..." >> Read Greg's Full Report
image denotes field report (7/21) From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge; "Multiple Big fish caught this week! What a great week full of sunshine! This week we mixed it up a little more on location instead of heading north all week a few days we stayed south fishing the west side and also drifting spinners just outside the Light House Gap. The days we were able to head north we were on both Little Oak and Sterran with both producing big fish. We are still getting a good jig bite so it has been a mix of jigging and spinners. We are just starting to test the down rigging which we will go to soon.
We are able to use some of our docks again so we hope for less wind and very little rain. This will help the water levels continue to decline. We are still a day by day basis on the docks with a brisk wind docks may be wet.
Temperatures are starting to finally warm up! However along with warm temps we get more chances of thunderstorms. This week will have lots of sunshine however we show chances of thunderstorm activity as well. Tuesday we have a good chance of rain. Friday and Saturday they forecast a chance of thunderstorms. The storms are scattered though so they may miss us all together!" - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .
image denotes field report (7/17) From The Marcell Area, Frontier Sports, Paul Larson said; "After an informal visit by the Polar Vortex last weekend, fishing has been gradually improving. Last weekend saw heavy rain, gusty wind and everything else in between. Some anglers were still able to eke out some nice catches of Walleye in spite of all that. I found the Walleye to have moved out to the 16 to 18 foot depths when the week before they were relating to the weeds more and were in depths ranging from 8 to 13 feet. I picked up a few using LIVE TARGET jointed Perch and Rainbow Smelt crank baits during the small break in the storm Monday night. Anglers have been reporting success using leeches and slip bobbers out from the weeds but have found very few fish on the humps so far this summer. Bass continue to be aggressively smashing jerk baits and plastics. The frog season is here and the LIVE TARGET Frog has been catching a lot of fish, just like it has done for the last two years. The Crappies are out in the weed beds now and good numbers of fish are being taken using small jigs and minnows or plastics. The Northland Thumper jig with a white Gulp! grub is really doing well. This summer it seems to be all about the weather. A more stable weather pattern seems to be in place with much warmer temperatures on the way, so you can wave goodbye to the Polar Vortex while pulling in that big Walleye this weekend and be sure to drop by when you’re in the area!..." Frontier Sports features a complete and fully stocked Sporting Goods department and Bait Shop, Gas, Grocery, Deli and Gift Shop. Frontier Sports is an authorized LIVE TARGET and SAVAGE GEAR dealer. Frontier Sports 219-832-3901 or Email .
image links to Lindy Fish Ed Internet (7/15) Fish ED on Devils Lake; "This week, Fish Ed Host Jon Thelen travels to Devils Lake in search of mid-summer walleyes. Jon explains ho to fish the new Lil' Guy. Lindy's new hybrid trolling bait is more aggressive than a spinner, but can be trolled slower than a crankbait. It's perfect for the times when fish are in transitions from one feeding pattern to another. Click here to learn more about >> Fishing the Lil' Guy for mid-summer Walleyes .
image of Gus' Place Logo (7/15) Ball Club Lake, Gus' Place Resort; "Very little has changed over the past week on Ball Club lake with lake levels, water temp and fishing patterns.
Fishing remains good for multi-species angling.
The one variable I have noticed over this past week has been the increase numbers of small Walleye (around 12 inches) being caught. I have been encouraging anglers to do their best to release these fish unharmed for at least another year.
If you want to have fun and a good meal at the end of the day, now is the time to get out your spoons and troll for Northerns, some afternoons they are practically jumping in the boat." - Gus Sheker, Gus' Place Resort .
image denotes field report (7/15) From Cutfoot Sioux and Lake Winnibigoshish, Eagle Nest Lodge; "It's a beautiful September day here!  Crazy weather!!!
The lake isn't going down any...still a good foot high...and the rain keeps coming.  I would think we would get a pattern change soon.  And the wind!!  So, most of our guests have been staying close and fishing Cutfoot.  The crappie bite has really slowed down, but the northerns have been biting pretty well.  No monsters, but plenty of fish.  And we are starting to see more keeper walleyes in Cutfoot in 10-14 feet of water.  They are using mostly leeches on a lindy rig.  A few are still catching with a jig and minnow.  We've seen a few mayflies, but not the big hatch." Take care, Bryan and Sue Harris, Email Eagle Nest Lodge .
image denotes field report (7/15) From Lake Winnibigoshish, John Seekon, The Pines Resort; "Anglers that are willing to shake some old habits and try new methods are finding eating size walleyes. Instead of trolling the same old crankbaits, success is being found on smaller crankbaits with a little more wobble in them. Trolling outside of the weeds in 16 to 20 feet has rewarded some anglers with more keeper sized walleyes.
For shallower walleyes spinners have been producing in the weeds at the depths of 8 to 14 feet. Try both crawlers and leeches, as it seems to change by the day. Northern pike are being caught on anything orange in 10 to 12 feet. Bigger perch are being caught on jigs and minnows in 12 to 15 feet on the weed edges." Email The Pines Resort .
Greg Clusiau Fishing Report (7/15) From The Iron Range, Greg Clusiau wrote; "I had caught some nice crappie and a bluegill or two but my partner was having trouble getting bit until he switched over to what I was using, a 1/16 oz. orange jighead tipped with a yellow twister tail. It made all the difference in the world. A note regarding jig weights: I’ll use heavier jigs like a 1/16 oz. during the day when fish are deeper and often switch to a lighter weight 1/32 oz. as fish move up shallower toward evening.
How odd that working a similar bait through a school of fish would produce nothing but change color and wham! It happens all of the time.
One thing I should mention about the plastic tail is that it was ..." Learn More >> Read Greg Clusiau's Full Report .
image links to Lakemaster web site and denotes press release (7/15) Lakemaster SmartStrike: 2014 Map Cards - Conduct searches for the best fishing locations in your lake with the new Humminbird® SmartStrike™ - map card now available in 9 editions that parallel the LakeMaster card coverage.
The intuitive, fish-finding power of smartstrike takes you straight to the action by showing you where the fish are biting at any given moment. This powerful software program contained on the SmartStrike map card allows anglers to utilize Humminbird LakeMaster® High-Definition map data* and extensive search algorithms to pattern and locate fish like never before.
Based on search parameters like fish species, season, time of day, and temperature, the SmartStrike engine searches depth ranges, type of structure, proximity, and more to quickly reveal and highlight the results on the lake map. learn more >> Lakemaster SmartStrike: 2014 Map Cards .
image denotes fishing report from Rour Seasons Fishing Resort (7/14) On Lake Winnibigoshish, Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort says; "The fishing at Four Seasons has taken another turn.  This week, our guests enjoyed something that happens once in a Blue Moon!  We had a reliable crappie bite!  The mouth of the river in the evening was where it was at.  Guests were not coming in with limits, but the bite would happen between 8:30 and 9:00 pm and that was enough time for most boats to come in with about 10 nice crappies. 
Perch continue to dominate our fishing success.  Nice perch are being caught in most hard bottom areas where you find crayfish. 
The walleye front is improving.  The humps have been reliable using leeches and crawlers.  Some fish have been caught on the main bars, as well.   The calmer conditions have definitely helped the walleye fishermen.  Most of the fish caught have been in the slot, but some keepers have been coming in.
Northern fishing has been steady.  All normal methods of catching pike are working.  Not alot of big fish so far, but many of the "good eating size"  coming in.  Have our expert fish cleaners de-bone your northerns for you.  A mighty tasty meal, right there.
All in all, fishing has been very good if you are open minded about what you catch.  The fall is still shaping up to be our best fishing of the year.  Make your plans now to get in on the action!" >> Four Seasons Resort .

image of Minn Kota I Pilot Micro Remote Control

Minn Kota Goes Small with New i-Pilot Micro Remote.

RACINE, Wis. (July 2014) – Continuing its tradition of angler-minded thinking, Minn Kota® announces the newest i-Pilot® accessory, the Micro Remote. The remote can be seen at Minn Kota’s ICAST booth, #1041, starting Wednesday, July 15.
The Micro Remote provides quick command of speed, steering, Spot-Lock, Advanced AutoPilot™ and prop on/off, all from a compact design. It is waterproof, floats and comes standard with a neck lanyard.
The Micro Remote is compatible with both i-Pilot and i-Pilot Link™ systems, and learn more ... >> I Pilot Micro Remote

image denotes field report (7/14) From Lake of the Woods, Mike Kinsela, Border View Lodge; "This week has been absolutely gorgeous with lots of sunshine and fish! The wind has not been too terrible. It started to pick up yesterday afternoon a little and into today. With the wind pick up today our boats headed west to Zipple Bay. The blowing wind puts our docks a little more under water. Each day is different when it comes to the water level and dock usage. Some are still usable and when needed we use the floating docks to keep dry feet.
We have gone north most of the week fishing Little Oak and Sterran. Little Oak has been great drifting spinners and jigging on Sterran has produced some big fish. The inconsistent weather causes some scattering with the fish so hopefully the weather steadies so they can school up more.
The forecast shows some rain the next couple days with sunshine coming our way Tuesday through the rest of the week. There is a slight chance of Thunderstorms towards the end of the week. Temperatures start out this week in the 70’s but get close to 80 the end of the week!" - 1-800-776-3474 Border View Lodge .
image links to Reed Ylitalo (7/12) From the Grand Rapids Area, Reed Ylitalo wrote; "Yesterday was an experience of a lifetime for anyone. Especially a young professional hunting and fishing guide.
I took the opportunity to work with Gander Mountain and participate in the new guide series clothing wear and also some great new Gander Mountain products such as rod and reel combos.
We started out in Walker bay on Leech lake. The fish were there but would not eat. Fished there most of the day and then came back to a Grand Rapids area lake picking up nine Walleyes between 23 and 25 and half inches to finish a great shoot for the new Products.
The best baits were a A quarter ounce bullet sinker with a six-foot snell and a leech. The bottom was a edge of cabbage and rocks. Using electronics properly was huge stand top and hover over the big fish. I was finding most of the walleyes in 24 to 26 feet of water." - Reed Ylitalo, Wings and Walleyes Guide Service .

Bowen Lodge Lake Winnie Report

July 11, 2014 - Cutfoot Sioux Mid-Summer Mixed Bag

The Huddlestons, Orlando Florida were here last week. New to the lake, they didn't have any pre-conceived ideas about where to fish. That turned out to work in their favor because of looking for fish where they were "supposed to be", they found them where they actually were instead.
They kept track of their catch during the week and recorded catching 7 species of fish and a total count of 220 fish. They caught ... >> Read Bowen Lodge Fishing Report

image denotes question from reader (continuing) Mike Bisping wrote; "On occasion, I fish a small 400 acre lake for walleyes in the Backus-Hackensack-Longville area.
As you might expect, the lake is stocked by the DNR and I find that a lot of the fish relate to the weedline in 10 to 15 feet of water once it gets established.
Typically, I experience the "summer peak" bite around the 4th of July give or take a week either way. During this time, the fishing is good, especially for larger fish. However, I struggle to find the walleyes before and after this time period.
Do they eventually head out to the feature-less main lake basin and follow schools of baitfish? Do they still relate to the weed line, but only bite sporadically due to the abundance of forage? Are they recovering from spawning and not biting earlier in the year? I have not been able to put the pieces of the puzzle totally together.
A) Read Reply >> Tactics for locating Walleyes in stocked lakes .

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Today July 31, 2014

image of sunfish caught using Lindy Li'l Guy
We found some of our panfish by cruising the breaklines, hunting for small schools in open water. Using the Li'l Guy as a search bait helped pick up straglers.
Above: Rigged with a small leech on each hook. Below: Rigged with a whole night crawler pinned onto both hooks.
image of blugill caught on a li'l guy

July 30, 2014

image of Kyle holding a pokegama lake walleye
On Pokegama Lake, we used Lindy Rigs and large Creek Chubs and managed to turn up a few good Walleyes like Kyle's solid 24 inch fish (above)...

image of Sunfish caught on a spinner rig
But the action kicked into high gear when we started trolling spinners over the weed tops. Walleye, Sunfish and Pike were all mixed together in the same spot at the same time.

July 29, 2014

image of Ashley holding a nice Bowstring Walleye
Ashley loves to fish, but she's not interested in killing the fish to have the food. So Ashley's rule was simple; "If Peter wants to eat fish, he's gonna have to catch his own, these two have to go back".
image of Bowstring Lake Crappie

lindy spinner tulibee pattern
Lindy single hook Spinners with #3 blades worked well. On Monday, the Walleyes seemed to prefer the White beads that come on the Tulibee or Shad pattern blades.

July 28, 2014

image of Bowen Lodge Guest holding nice Walleye
Photo courtesy Bowen Lodge: Walleye fishing on Lake Winnie has been one of the best kept secrets in the Northland. Local resident anglers have been fishing main bars like Bena Bar, Moses and Center and reporting good catches. Read >> Lake Winnie Fishing Report

July 27, 2014

image of Rich Prykop with hefty Largemouth Bass
In spite of sunny conditions and calm seas, Largemouth Bass preferred un-weighted YUM Dingers fished over the weed tops. For Rich Prykop, "Dead Sticking" was the best presentaion.

"Dead Sticking" the YUM Dingers is easy and effective.  This video portrays Rich's presentation to a tee!

July 26, 2014

Image of Stramatalite with Zebra Mussels on it
Zebra Mussels will force one of my customers to change some of his habits on Sand Lake. Their sharp edges shave tiny slices off of his line and will eventually cause it to fail; probably just when he has Mr. Big hooked and heading toward the landing net.

Humminbird's Autochart Live allows anglers to create custom countour maps of any body of water.

July 25, 2014

image of Rich Riegel holding a nice Walleye
Trolling the weed edges with Little Joe spinners, is an adventure. You will catch a pile of panfish and you'll be rewarded with some really nice surprises like this solid weedline Walleye.

July 24, 2014

image of nice Walleye caught on ball club lake
Photo courtesy Gus' Place Resort: "The best bet for the Walleye is early & late in the day with leeches on jigs or Lindy rigs. Crawlers are also taking Walleye."

This week, Fish Ed host Jon Thelen shows you the easiest, most-efficient way to load the livewell with big crappies.  Get in on the fun of putting together a summertime fish fry. >> Tolling Summertime Crappie.

July 23, 2014

image of big Walleye caught on Pokegama Lake by Dylan Kukkonen
Photo courtesy Greg Clusiau: Dylan Kukkonen caught and released this 29” walleye while fishing on Grand Rapids Pokegama Lake >> Read Gregs Report

image of Bill Charlton holding Bowstring Lake BassPhoto courtesy Trails End Resort: Most folks don't think of Bowstring Lake as a Bass Lake, but Bill Charlton, Geiger's Trails End Resort knows that there's more where this one came from.

July 22, 2014

image of bass caught on lake pokegama in grand rapids
Largemouth Bass were scattered, but catchable. Wacky Rigged YumDingers fished over the Cabbage tops produced some nice fish.

image of largemouth bass caught on the mississippi river
On the river, heavy current flow forced us to cut this trip short, but not before hooking into a few nice Bass. The 6 inch Yum Dingers rigged Texas style fished along the heavy grass line produced this nice example.

July 21, 2014

image of Smallmouth Bass caught on Pokegama Lake by Chris Andresen
Big Fish, Big Bait; Chris Andresen shows off a hefty 20 inch smallmouth that fell for a 7 inch Creek Chub while he was in pursuit of Mr. Big!

image of Chris Andresen with a large walleye caught on Pokegama Lake
Another quality CPR Walleye. Lindy Rigging with Creek Chubs in the 5 to 7 inch range continues to be productive. Key depths have been 18 to 26 feet.

July 20, 2014

image of Kevin Goebel holding big Walleye
Ironically, Kevin Goebel's best fish was the first fish of the day. A solid 28-1/2 inch fish caught in 22 feet of water.

image of big walleye caught by Kevin Goebel
Sunshine became intense, breeze calmed and the weekend traffic kicked into high gear. When fish moved deeper, they became less aggressive, but still coax-able.

image of Walleye guide Jeff sundin with nice Walleye
Lindy Rigs, combined with Redtail Chubs were best in the morning. By mid-day, night crawlers enticed more strikes than minnows.

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