Original Painting by James Sundin Jr.
The Lion Shown Playing Sundin's 1961 Gibson SG Special

image of animals playing musical Instruments

Frequent readers of Jeff Sundin's fishrapper fishing reports notice occasional references to stories about music, family events and other non-business related ramblings.

It's true, I do have a few other things on my mind and this page offers a place to share information of a more personal nature. It's a place to share pictures from the family scrapbook and stories about daily life. If you arrived here thinking that this would be the fishing page, just follow these links to find current fishing reports or booking guided fishing trips with Jeff Sundin.

During February of 2023, I spent some time going through cassette taps from my old band days. After I found some that sounded good enough, i began transferring the music onto my computer. Along the way, I began searching for images of my former band mates and found a handful, here they are.